March 19, 2020

March 17, 2020

Hina Khan's SmartPhone's trailer launch cancelled

Pretty actress Hina Khan is all set to entertain fans with her upcoming short film titled SmartPhone, which is going to stream on Ullu App. The much awaited short film's motion picture was supposed to be revealed on Sunday (15 March, 2020) and the trailer was planned to launch on March 18, followed by media interactions. However, the event has been postponed in light of the current Coronavirus pandemic.

March 02, 2020

Sheeba Chaddha roped in for Ullu App's next..

Ullu App has been churning out web-series one after the other and leaving no stone unturned to give audiences the best of the content. They are coming up with yet another interesting series based on the traditional singers and dancer from Uttar Pradesh. We heard an actor par excellence, Sheeba Chaddha has been roped in to play a prominent role in the series.

March 01, 2020

Java NIO Interview Questions Answers

NIO or New I/O is the second I/O system, it provides the different way of working with I/O than the standard I/O API's. It is an alternative IO API for Java (from Java 1.4).

Difference between Blocking and Non-blocking I/O
  • Blocking IO wait for the data to be write or read before returning. Java IO's various streams are blocking. It means when the thread invoke a write() or read(), then the thread is blocked until there is some data available for read, or the data is fully written.
  • Non blocking IO does not wait for the data to be read or write before returning. Java NIO non- blocking mode allows the thread to request writing data to a channel, but not wait for it to be fully written. The thread is allowed to go on and do something else in a mean time.
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