November 09, 2010

Probable guest list Sara-Ali wedding!..

Bigg Boss 4 News
As Sara Khan and Ali Merchant are getting ready to tie the knot on REEL life on November 10, so there's much doings going on in the Bigg Boss house these days. All the inmates are excited for Sara-Ali wedding.

They have been divided into Ladkiwale and Ladkewale. Ladki wale house mates have taken up the responsibility of decorating the house with fresh Flowers and Rangoli.

Housemates have been given a task to choreograph a song in pairs. The song highlights the three stages of a couple's life together dedicated to Ali and Sara: before marriage, the wedding and post-marriage. A dholak along with a book of lyrics of wedding songs were given to them for the various functions over the week.

To bring about a sense of togetherness among housemates a game called Untying the knot was played. Ali’s hands are tied up by the girls and Sara was asked to untie it with his teeth, and then vice versa. Whoever took lesser time to untie the knot could ask the other to do a humorous dare.

Guest list includes Vikram Phadnis who designed wedding dress for the couple. Ali's parents will attend the wedding while Sara's parents may not turn up, her mama probably make an appearance. Rajan Shahi, Parul Chauhan, Jai Bhanushali, Priya Shah and her husband Jatin Shah.

Sources says the guests will not be allowed inside the house, unlike the family members. Guests will get to see the wedding via a projector fixed outside the house.

Ali-Sara have paid Rs. 50 lakh to get married in Bigg Boss’ house.

Tried to contact Vikram Phadnis, Rajan Shahi and Jay Bhanusali, but they were unavailable to comment.

-K Himaanshu!..

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Tiya said...

Are they going to telecast the first night also??

Anonymous said...

What The Hell *&^%^&%$^&

Anonymous said...

sara khan is a bitch

Anonymous said...

fuck off sara

Kaaya Thapliyal said...

gawd himaanshu kaha se mili ye sab news :P

Anonymous said...

big boss is pre scripted

Vije Sharma said...

If rumors are to be believed K Himaanshu Meehir's Shukla is also entering in bigg boss home. Probably he will perform on sara ali wedding :D.

Anonymous said...

Yes even I heard that Himaanshu is entering Bigg Boss.

Anonymous said...

ali and sara are already married

Anonymous said...

Ali, Sara already husband-wife!

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