November 16, 2010

Sundeep Malani's Interview

Tell us about yourself?
Well.. I am from Mangalore/Bangalore, directed a few South Indian Films like ‘Miss California’ and ‘SMS 6260’ in Kannada, and worked with Mani Ratnam in my earlier stage and now working in Bollywood Films worked with Onir for ‘I AM’ and have done short films. I even wrote script for a few films, of which 'Hello India' starring Akshay Kumar and Udita Gowswami is ready for release. Besides Raaj Varma's ‘Lucky 13th’ in Kannada. I have been a Film Critic and so I write reviews for the latest release and I am a diehard Sridevi fan.

Why do you think you are well known film personality in Facebook?
I think I am a good entertainer and I give lots of information on films and links too. Besides my daily updates on my pages of Sridevi, Filmalani and Malani Talkies besides Chitrahaar too. I dedicate songs on birthdays and make a Special on a Film Personality. Of lately, I have been close to many Facebook buddies who have been a part of my Filmalani Awards and My Short Films too.

Are you a Facebook freak?
I would be lying, If I say No. Yes. I am a Facebook freak. I don’t smoke and I am not into any addiction. Facebook is my addiction. Without Facebooking, I am missing lots of things in my day to day life, as I am close to most of my friends and I have made a routine to give my daily updates with songs, links, reviews, pictures, information etc etc through my various Entertaining Pages.

Do you think people are actually waiting for Malani Film festival on Facebook?
Malani Film Festival is already on since November 1st and will go on till the month end. I have been sharing information of my past with regard to the Films, Events and Entertainment that I was involved with. This will go on with my feature films, short films and the present one too. Songs, Scenes, Pictures etc will be shared. And yes, I have been getting positive response and many comments and likings. And I know, many love them. So, in a way without a Promoter I am doing it myself thanks to Facebook.

What made you say ‘Sex is beautiful and Nudity is divine’?
‘Sex is Beautiful, Nudity is Divine’. This is a tag line from my film Shaayad, which will start its promotion soon. The film is a beautiful love story between two individuals living in together. In the film, Sex is shown beautifully and Nudity as Divine. I have projected it very well and I am proud that I could do that. Besides, I am a romantic person myself and I love Sex and I love being Nude in private. I love my body and everyone should love their body.

Is nudity a new name of fame?
In reality yes. Many actors today are famous because of their bindaas look, their sexy avatars and their item numbers. Rakhi Sawant, Malllika Sherawat, Sherlyn Chopra and many more have shown their assets and today on the top! Even in shows like Big Boss and Emotional Attyachar, the TRPs are high because of the Nudity that they portray. Even my films : Moments, Shaayad and Jo Jo Laali has nudity but to a certain limit and well blended with the subject. Not an forcibly done! Besides I have dealt the scenes with ecstasy.

Why your ‘Moments’ film hero deleted ‘Moments’ fan page from Facebook?
Moments is the first short film that I did in Mumbai after a long time. It was to launch a new struggling talent – Jeet Sachdev. The film is about 20 minutes which I shot in a low budget and with 3 characters and a minimum crew in a single day. The film is about a couple who gets separated because of the problems in the domestic life. Jeet Sachdev had acted well, but over acted in a few scenes. When I did ‘Jo Jo Laali’, Jeet wanted to play the leading role, which I never even thought of. He thought that I being a close friend would give him an opportunity, which was his mistake. He wanted to learn direction, so he worked with me as my assistant for the film, but half of the time he was missing from the set. Well, the film got made, everyone appreciated the film and my discovery Akash Hora got good response. Jeet could not handle this. He started bad mouthing about the film in every department. Pause… I stopped interacting with him.

Now, that I decided to have Malani Film Festival was planning to release my film Moments in Facebook via Youtube. And Jeet didn’t want this to happen. He knows that his acting will be pin pointed by everyone, so he requested me not to do so. But I was sure of getting it released. He is an admin to the page Moments on Facebook which as 1000 plus members and when I started posting the status about the release, he started deleting it. To the extent that many of them do not watch the film, he has deleted the page. All I can say is, Jeet is a struggler and he will remain so. About Moments, Yes. I am going to show the film to my fans in Facebook and no one can stop me. No Jeet and No Haar too, because it will be My Jeet and His Haar.

Any message you want to convey to your favorite star Sridevi?
Sridevi – I have been her fan since I was a school going kid. I have been watching all her films from South and watched all her Hindi films too. I am following her very closely all the time. My entire family, friends, well wishers and my native knows that I am a diehard fan of her. And I myself claim this that .. As she was No.1, I am too a No.1 fan of Sridevi in this entire universe. If I meet her, which I will for sure. The first thing that I want to tell her is: You are the most beautiful person in this world. No Miss World and Miss Universe can come close to you. As you are the Moon and there is nothing as beautiful as the Moon. That’s why she is referred to as Chandni. While she is the Moon, I am the Sun. (And My family – my mom, dad, wife and my son know it very well that I am a crazy fan of hers and I can be bribed anytime with anything to do with Sridevi. And I am happy to have a supportive and a understanding family.

Your upcoming projects?
Woh 5 Din starring newcomers Piush Anand, Akash Hora, Hunny Hora, Anant Vijay Joshi, Jenica Kalra and Bhagyasri Rao will be my immediate release. It’s a fun filled suspense thriller. After which, Shaayad will be released. Moments, a short film will be shown on youtube and my English film SMS 6260 will be telecasted soon. Besides this, Jo Jo Laali, a short film is making waves at every festivals and lots of premieres in many cities to go. Will be starting to shoot for two more short films by the year end and a big feature film from February.

-K Himaanshu Shukla..!

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