December 15, 2010

Sara Khan in Ram Milaayi Jodi!..

Sara Khan is back in action. She will be now seen in ‘Preet Se Bandhi Ye Dori Ram Milaayi Jodi’, which is step by step turned out to be one of the best soaps on Zee TV.

Lead actress Priyal Gor well known as a tantrum queen on the sets of ‘Ram Milaayi Jodi’ , so the channel and production house want to get rid of her as soon as possible. Earlier Dimple Jhangiani was supposed to replace Priyal Gor, but now its confirmed that newly weded Sara Khan will replace Priyal Gor in Ram Milaayi Jodi.

16 years old young lady Priyal always create problem on sets, and used to throw tantrums. Crew members of ‘Preet Se Bandhi Ye Dori Ram Milaayi Jodi’ exposed that no effort on the part of the producers have helped them to deal with the unprofessional Priyal Gor on the sets. The production house has had enough of it and finally decided to throw her out from the show. After Sara’s eviction from Bigg Boss house, they approached her to play the lead role of Mona. Sara has accepted the offer and probably will be starting shoot from tomorrow.

Sara Khan denied and said, " I haven't even been approached by the production house."
Producer Rajita Sharma remained unavailable to comment.

-K Himaanshu Shukla..

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Anonymous said...

im going to watch this show 4 sara di

Anonymous said...

Thanx 4 d news bhaiya

Anonymous said...

I have never watched this show....its bakwaas....

Anonymous said...

great news :) :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats Sara

Anonymous said...

Sara sweety is back.. thanks for news

Anonymous said...

I love priyal she suits as mona pls do not replace her

Anonymous said...

Its a bad show sara do not say yes.

Anonymous said...

Priyal was cute and gret looks wise but she really needed to work on her acting. The voice used to bug me........ Hmmm I hated Sara on Bigg Boss but no doubt she is a definitely a good choice for this role if this news does happen to be true.........


Anonymous said...

Sara back to friction :))))

Anonymous said...

yayyyy... finalllyyyy my baby is BACKK in a soap!! shukar Big Boss ka torture khatam!!
i like Nishant.. and now my Sara will be opposite him.. finally start to watch this shww!! :):):)

Anonymous said...

Sara Khan 'disowns' family

After coming out of the " Bigg Boss" house, television actress Sara Khan has disowned her family for using her name for "cheap" publicity.

The Bhopal girl, who became a known name after her stint on the hit TV series " Sapna Babul Ka - Bidaai", Tuesday came on a live show on a television channel and said as her name has been used by her family, specially her younger sister Angel, for "cheap" popularity, she "disowns" them.

Sara also said when she was getting married with Ali Merchant in "Bigg Boss" house, her family misguided media by claiming that she was already married.

Sara even said that to become actress, her sister Angel tried to cash in on her name.

But Sara's family has a different take on this all.

Reacting to her sister's allegation, Angel said: "She is now a celebrity, so she thinks so."

When Angel wanted to talk to her, Sara refused.

Last month when Sara tied the knot with Ali Merchant, who is also from Bhopal, her family told media that the two cannot get do so as they are already married.

As a proof, the family showed the pictures of Sar and Ali as bride and groom.

"After two months she has come out of the 'Bigg Boss' house, so she does not know the reality," Sara's mother Seema Khan told.

"Till now what she is saying is what Ali has told her. I know who is behind all this. But I would not name the person right now. I will tell the name at an appropriate time."

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see Saa again.

Anonymous said...

Thats gr8 news....just out of the big boss house & back to fiction! all the best to her....looooved her as sadhna, that's an immortal charecter....

Anonymous said...

i think sara will luk cute with nishant

Anonymous said...

Gr8. All the best to her.

Anonymous said...

Happy to see Sara onscreen again. Thanks for the news himaanshu sir.

Anonymous said...

Pleas get Priyal back in the show ! Sara is not at all suiting the role and she is no match with Priyal. Sara cannot do the accurate acting which Priyal did as Mona. Get Priyal Back. Get the life of the show back. The serial will lose its popularity if sara plays the lead role. Pleas Get PRIYAL BACK !!!!
From entire East India

Anonymous said...

this show will go down if priyal is not back

Anonymous said...

soo many people want back priyal .. so bring her back on the show .. you nw i wont be watching this show again .. untill u bring back priyal ... please please please please bring her back to the show i want priyal back , best thing about monday-thursdays was to watch her act.

Anonymous said...

Priyal is perfect for Mona. Why are you replaced ?

Anonymous said...

Happy to see Sara onscreen again...........

Anonymous said...

i dont like this change !! Nishant and priyal looked great together and it is too late to change the lead- bad timing especially when priyal is now acting beautifully !!

Anonymous said...

please stop watching this show..let the rating go down..and the stupid producer will realize the mistake and try to get priyal back..please make the show live again.

sabrina said...

OH MY GOD !! I never thought one hindi serial would change over night just by replacing a single actor.

Sarah !!!! Nobody ever acted so well on silver screen after Irfan khan, Madvan and Shefali Chaya. Sarah is gonna go a long way. You made me record Ram Milaye Jodi and watch is over and over again. Now a days I have a smile on my face all the time just because of your fabulous acting, Sarah !!
Wish you all the luck !!

Anonymous said...

“Ashmit will be the Bigg Boss winner”….Sara Khan

Sadhna, the erstwhile bahu of Rajvansh Family in Star Plus Bidaai is freshly out of the colors big boss show. A dream wedding on the show has given her much more publicity than she would have ever wanted. But is she really happy about it, after hearing the allegations put on her by her family. Here are a few excerpts,

Sara Khan

Sara Khan

Q. How does it feel to be out of the house?

Ans. I feel really good. Though I didn’t want to come out of the house so soon, but I think it was getting too much for me to stay without my husband Ali. I was really missing him and I am really Thankful to God for listening my prayers.

Q. That means you did not want to win the show?

Ans. No it’s not like that. Obviously I had taken up the show to emerge out as a winner. But it is really difficult to sustain there. With the passage of the time circumstances change and then you as a person is also forced to change your wishes.

Q. What was so difficult in the house?

Ans. I think everything was very difficult over there. First of all you are away from your family and closed ones. You don’t even have a phone to express your feelings to them over phone. On top of this you have to stay with completely strange people who are competing with each other to win a title.

Q. But this you knew before getting in the show, Right?

Ans. Yes I knew about it. But knowing about something and actually experiencing it in real are two totally different things. I never knew that things will go so awry without your closed ones around you.

Q. You were seen sharing few close moments with Ashmit. How do you explain that?

Ans. I have already cleared it on the show and am again doing it. There was nothing between me and Ashmit. He was like a brother to me. He use to take such good care of me and that’s why I called him Pops.

Q. Why did you tear Ali’s pictures in front of him. It gave a picture as if you have broken up with Ali and ready to take on a new relationship with Ashmit or someone else.

Ans. I tore the pictures because I had a fight with Ali before getting in the show. He never use to give enough time as per my wishes. While talking one day I couldn’t control my emotions and broke in front of Ashmit. It was just to vent out my anger I tore those pictures.

Anonymous said...

Q. How difficult was it to explain all this to Ali when he came to the show?

Ans. I am really thankful to Ali for making me understand everything and listening to my part of the story. Had he believed how the things were portrayed on television then we would not have been married today. He is really understanding and loves me a lot. I am really lucky to have him in my life.

Q. While you were getting married in the house, it was alleged that both of you were already married and you are doing this for money just to increase the TRPs of the show?

Ans. Not at all. It was the very first time that me and Ali got married.

Q. How do you explain the videos that were all over television of your marriage?

Ans. Those were my engagement videos. I don’t know how can people mistake those for our wedding tapes. As far as the question of Maulvis present there is concerned, then I must tell you that in the muslim community Maulvis and friends are invited for the engagement ceremony. Sometimes it does the picture as if the wedding only happened. But this is very weird for everyone to believe that this was my second marriage.

Q. But your parents themselves have said that this I your second marriage. If such a thing comes from your parents then people are bound to believe it.

Ans. I am really shocked at this. I don’t know why my parents and sister did that. They knew it was only an engagement and not wedding. I have no words to explain this at this moment. I will talk to them and then only will speak further about this.

Q. So where will you stay now, with Ali’s family or your family?

Ans. My bidaai has not happened yet. Untill my parents agree to everything I will not move into my husband’s family and I know he will respect that.

Q. Your equation with Dolly kept changing in the house. What was the reason for that?

Ans. I have seriously no words to describe Dolly Bindra as a person. Sometimes she is very caring and sometimes she is so rude. I think when she gets miffed with a person, she crosses her boundary lines and speaks non-sense about that person. But when things get settled down she goes back to normal. Its very difficult to read her mind.

Anonymous said...

Q. Whom do you respect the most in the house?

Ans. It has to be Shweta Tiwary. She was my best friend in the house. She is so sorted as a person. I really like her and will get in touch with her when she is out of the house.

Q. So you don’t think that she will win the show?

Ans. I never said that. But I have a feeling that Ashmit Patel will win the show.

Q. Are Ashmit and Veena a couple?

Ans. As far as I know they are not. But what I hear from people after coming out the show has made me think twice over my decision. According to people their chemistry on screen does give the picture of them being in a relation. But inside the house I never experienced it or may be you can say never got to see it. May be they are seeing each other.

Q. While you were inside, your show Sapna babul ka bidaai went off air. How did yu react after hearing this?

Ans. I am still not able to believe this. The show was doing so well that there was no need for it go off air. But whatever may be the reason the production house would have taken such a decision keeping many things in mind. So I respect their decision but I am really sad about it.

Q. Have you contacted your friends and actors from the show?

Ans. No I haven’t got time to call any one right now. All I am doing is giving interviews and clearing misconceptions that have developed around me in these three months.

Q. You also said that Sadhna is just a character and you are different than her. Who is Sara actually?

Ans. Sara is what people saw in Bigg Boss house. As far as the character of Sadhna is concerned than its true that I am very different for Sadhna. How can people expect us to be same as our character in real lives too. We all portray a character on screen and not ourselves.

Q. What are your plans now? Any new shows and assignments?

Ans. As of now I am not even thinking of new shows and projects. I jus want to clear all the bad air around me and lead a happy and married life with my husband Ali Merchant. I feel the decision of giving a reception also will give the picture of a third wedding at this point. So for now I want to just relax and be happy.

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