January 04, 2011

Do you really want to see Veena ki Jawani?

Seducing lady Veena Malik will un-grace the Bigg Boss platform again, she probably will perform on popular item number ‘Sheila Ke Jawani’ of Tees Maar Khan in the grand finale. The arrangements for the same have been finalized. Colors TV thinks the shameless aunty Veena Malik is well suited to perform on the song. I guess they forgot Katrina Kaif performed on that song.

Veena was evicted after being nominated seven times, I am surprised, do she actually has a large fan following. Her manager Sohail Rashid  said “She had been offering prayers in the house but nobody mentioned it. She discussed politics with her fellow contestants but few people ignored that and propagated her statements in a twisted way. The things that contestants did at the show were part of the game and the show must be taken as a game”.

Ok dude agree with you but she was also found in compromising position with her SEX-INTREST ASS-mit. Yes you read it right her SEX-INTREST, her facial expressions while giving massage and all shows she's only interested in sex. If sources are to be believed she even dropped towel in front of camera.

“She had been promoting the Urdu language at the house of ‘Bigg Boss’. A lot of people are using Urdu words in India just because of her. She promoted our language and did nothing wrong,” Malik’s manager said defending the actor.

Mr.Malik she was not promoting Urdu, she was promoting vulgarity in the show. I agree Dolly was loud and abusive lady, but she is far better than Veena. And for your information Mr.Rashid Urdu has been widely in use in India even before the lady named Veena Malik exist in this earth.

We neither want Veena nor her Jawani..!

-K Himaanshu Shukla..

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