February 18, 2011

I always say am from NSD i.e. 'Never Studied Drama' : Hasan Zaidi

Hasan Zaildi, one of the Khota Sikka of YRF’s show Khotey Sikkey. The talented guy did so many shows like Rishta.com, Powder, Sabki ladli Bebo, Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki, Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi etc.

In a conversation with Scrutiny, Hasan talks on his new show, about his experience so far.

Talk us thro' the role of Mohit in Khotey Sikkey?
Mohit  Kishanchandani is the character I play; Mohit is a very rich kid who loves fast cars and good alcohol. He is an alcoholic who is also the muscle of the group. He drinks because he didn’t get the love from his parents which he always longed for. He is very aggressive yet very loyal to his friends.

It was the angst within Mohit which drew me most to him. I have always felt that there is so much in terms of scope for performance if there are so many layers to a character and not just the typical mundane nice guy or bad boy usually seen on television otherwise.

Previously you were associated with two YRF shows Rishta.com and Powder, and now you are doing Khotey Sikkey for YRF.
I did POWDER and rishta.com where I portrayed two very different characters, both were very well written. I enjoyed doing these characters and  felt good being part of such amazing shows, I'm sure somewhere the bosses in YRF noticed this too and was asked to audition for Mohit, and got the part.

What makes YRF shows so special?
The shows are shot on RED CAMERA, the production values are super and for all to see and marvel.
We get bound scripts and the whole idea and everyone involved is contributing to one single goal which is story telling in the best way possible. YRF is a brilliant platform and I couldn't be happier, for now.

You are supposed to play a character in YRF’s another show Kismat. What happened?
Yes I was actually supposed to play a character in KISMAT, which is the other YRF show on Sony. I had gone to the YRF studio for the costume trials for the same, that is where the director of Khotey Sikkey saw me and asked me to audition for him. So I ended up here as Mohit and somebody else got the part in Kismat.

Why they shortlisted you for playing Mohit in Khotey Sikkey?
Actually, when they approached me Mohit was the last character to be finalized as they were looking for a suitable actor to play this role and nobody was being finalized somehow. And I bagged the role (smiles).

Do you have any formal acting of training?

I am from NSD.

Do you mean National School of Drama?
No (laughs).I initially did small roles, assisted in direction and production to learn the whole process. I did not attend any acting classes, so I always say am from NSD i.e. NEVER STUDIED DRAMA.

Any plans for moving on to the Silver Screen?
Yes, that is the ultimate plan for everyone isn't it? I would be lying in saying otherwise. There are talks happening and there is hope, but I will only believe it when I am actually there doing it.

Who do you want to give credit to your success?
God has been kind, it’s been great from living in a small room in Versova to where I am now. Hard work, persistence and faith in myself have made it possible. Also the credit goes to lots of love and encouragement, which I always from parents, family and friends.

-K Himaanshu Shukla..!

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Anonymous said...

I am in love with khotey sikey....u guyss rock....

Anonymous said...

Himaanshu Sir please upload some more pics of KS team .

Leena Jumani

Anonymous said...

pls publish interview of sukhmani n puru

Anonymous said...

pls publish interviews of sukhmani n puru

Anonymous said...

Veeeery nice interview...:)
Mohit...Hasan....my fav...I believe ur also very helpful to ur co-actors in scenes and all dat without any professional training is grt...keep up the good job...bhai

Anonymous said...

all the best hasan, u guys r rocking in khotey sikkey

Anonymous said...

i like u & love u as ur Mohit

Anonymous said...

Khotey sikkay rocks , Its an amazing show .


Kaaya Thapliyal said...

i m in love with khotey sikkey

Anonymous said...

mohit i have a crush on you ...............mad of you..............mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh

Farah Kirar (Hasan/Mohit Ki Deewani) said...


Anonymous said...

Hasan u realy did a fantastic job in khotey sikkey i love u nd ur work realy i had a crush on u..............i love u......HASAN..........

Anonymous said...

Hasan its ayushi nd urs biggest fan u ever met i always watch khotey sikkey repeat telicast jst to see u.............love u HASAN/MOHIT.....

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