January 15, 2011

I am person who lives in the moment: Dil Khush

YRF is coming back with a new Serial Khotey Sikkey which will soon hit screen.  After Mark Parakh, I caught up with another Khota Sikka 'Dil Khush', to know more about her character and look in the her upcoming show.

Excerpts from the interview:

You disappeared after Kasam Se, how did you bag the role in Khotey Sikkey?
Kasamh Se was by itself a very good experience considering it was my first venture on Television, after having modelled for a while. But post Kasamh Se wanted to give it a break for sometime because since the very start being job satisfied meant a lot to me and so chose not to pick up anything and everything dat came my way. For sometime anchored on E24 as their prime time anchor to try a new type of tv experience.

At YRF someone from the casting department had asked me to send my work profile and post that asked me to come for a look test, thats when I auditioned with them for two shows and then finally decision was that I should do Khotey Sikkey.When YRF offered me to play Dilnaz. I agreed.

This is your first show as the main lead, how do you feel?
Its definately feels great and its also a great responsibility. TV is a very big medium and youth today are very impressionable and look up to character and actors. So its important and extremely exciting.

Dilnaz is totally into drugs, how did you prepare for this role?
No thats not true Dilnaz is not totally into drugs, she has a drug past. Dilnaz is basically anventurous in nature, she loves thrill and is extremely daring and is crazy about Weapons, not only keeping them but using them too.

What is your personal opinion about the character of Dilnaz.. Name one thing you liked and disliked about Dilnaz.
Dilnaz is a very interesting character. She is the youngest of the lot but fears nothing, is extremely adventures and is the first to go head-long in a daring situation without thinking about its eventuality. She is basically a happy kid who loves to do things that are adventurous, and is extremely upbeat in any given situation.

What I like the most about Dilnaz is her desire to seek fun and adventure in life at all times. Lives in the moment and always seeks excitement.

And what probably I cud dislike is that,she does'nt realise that sometimes her actions could get her in deep trouble. She is a bit naive.

How different is the experience working for Balaji Telefilms and Yashraj?
Kasamh Se with Balaji Telefilms was a daily soap and Khotey Sikkey is a bi-weekly. Both experiences are good in their own respect and choose not to compare its working because for me I am expremely happy with both my projects.

Do you think that the TV industry too has become a part of the rat race and it’s all about survival of the fittest?
Yes that may be true but I think it defers from person to person. Personally I don't believe in chasing or being part of the race. For me putting in my 100% on every project is important and rest is left to God and our dear viewers.

How is your rapport with the other cast of the show?
The rapport on our set is extremely fantastic. the best part about our cast is that we spend all our time on set shooting and spending good time. but whats unusally beautiful is the bond we share as friends off set, we actually meet up on off days too and look forward to spending more and more quality time together.

What are the qualities you want in your dream man?
Thats a very nice question though but I don't have a list a qualities about my dream man. For now its only Khotey Sikkey that takes my time and attention because to me it feels like a dream project(smiles).

Every actor has a dream role, What is your’s?
I am person who lives in the moment and for me what is important is to play every role with equal amount of passion for the craft. so that some day that could be someone else's dream role.

-K Himaanshu Shukla..

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Anonymous said...

nice interview again

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Kya naam hai yaar dil khush <3 :)

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pls pls take interview of pustiie pls pls himanshu sir

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Add some more pix of DIL KHUSH........

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go diluuuuuuuu
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Anonymous said...

Very nice interview Dilkhush, I am really proud of you.Wishing you all the best in future.XXXXXXX

Anonymous said...

Nice interviews by Mark, Dilkhush and Hasan! Just one thing, can you get Puru Chibber and Sukhmani Sadana's interview?

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nic lok dil

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dil is my absolute favorite character in the show! she rocks!!

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Thanku guys for such sweet comments.
Love Dilkhush

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