November 05, 2011

Kinshuk Mahajan's Facebook account was compromised

Kinshuk Mahajan is blessed with both chocolate looks and a cute personality. He is getting married to her childhood love Divya Gupta on 12th November.

Today the actor got a shocker when he came to know that his networking profile through which he kept in touch with his fans was hacked and deleted by an unknown invader.

I received emails from loyal fans of Bidaai, they wanted to know why Kinshuk deactivated his Facebook account. before his marriage? So I called him to find out the details about this.

Stunned Kinshuk said “ I am busy in preparation for my marriage so I clueless about it. I didn’t checked my Facebook account since long time may be that's why Facebook deleted my account. But I think Facebook does not delete idle profiles so may be  my account is hacked. I am worried that the people who had hacked into my account might misuse it.

The hacker had not only sneaked into his account but  also deleted his  fan page ‘Viren Sood Lovers’  which was created by fans. This page has the biggest fan following of Kinshuk. Admins of this fan page were quite upset, they initially thought that Kinshuk himself deleted the fan page.

Well, we hope he gets his account back , Scrutiny wish Kinshuk and Divya  the very best for a happy and successful married life.

-K Himaanshu Shukla

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  1. omg kinshuk dont worry create another account

  2. don't worry my jaanu plzzzzz create new one for us :)

  3. OMGGGGGGGGG Kinny swwetu don'ttt orry jaan . We all Fans believe u n no1 can misguide us regarding u . So just chill n Enjoyyy ur wedding dear . All d best

  4. Himanshu I asked you to ask him about Bidaaii2 please kuch karo yaar I am desperate
    We need to know I want my foursome kinshuk parul Sara and angad
    Ask him before his wedding
    He can leave everything else for bidaai2 please

  5. Himuuuuuuu kya yaar you put unwanted stuff on blog who cares if kinshuks Facebook account is hacked do some work for us
    We asked you to ask him about Bidaaii2 and why do have to put this silly article
    Saab bakwaas not needed
    You are so mean with us sara and me are begging you since so long and you promised us abhi ram nahi poocha
    We want foursome back in bidaaii2

  6. Himanshu you have no other work
    Yaar forget this please ask him about Bidaai2
    Please who cares about his FB account we want him back with Parul and not anyone else
    Tell him to leave everything and come we want foursome in bidaai2 and no one else they killed kinshuk and Sara n

  7. Himanshu such silly updates you put yaar
    Why you give bhav to those Viren sood Lovers fan , that saniha is a bitch and she wants to break kinshuks wedding also
    You should discourage such comments

  8. @Sara even I want kinship and parul yaar
    Himanshu please Kuch kar yaar
    Instead of doing for us you are just writing about all this
    That saniha is instigating you against kinrulians

  9. kinshuk don`t worry create another acount plizzz!!!!all the best kinshuk and congrats for you wedding!!!love you alot

  10. Don't worry kinshuk,all the best for your new show & happy married life.

  11. even i was wondering why i can't view kinsshuk's profile and viren sood lovers page!!Kinshuk plz create a new account and all the very best for your marriage!
    luv ya!

  12. Insult a person on a blog Gosh u should be ashame i dnt know saniha but she surely doesn't deserve what u r saying about her here

    hope KM create a new account and wish him all the best with his new show :)

  13. Hell with the hacker.... dnt worry sweeto he cant delete u frm MY HEART.......... come back soon and All the best 4 ur married life!! <3

  14. wish u a vry vry hpy married life...........luv u kinshuk.........


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