December 07, 2011

When Big B puts Priyanka in her place..

Priyanka Chopra who was crowned as Twitter queen, has to be more careful while tweeting because Amitabh Bachchan is following her..

I must say Twitter is as tricky place to be especially for juvenile actors who are being followed by their seniors in B-town. In case they cause offense their seniors with their informal language on the micro-blogging site, the generation gap makes it difficult for them to be themselves.

Piggy chops got a taste of this bitter drug recently when she was disciplined by the Bollywood ka baap for using the ‘F***’ word. Although she had not used the word herself, she re-tweeted someone else’s update. Nonetheless, she immediately apologized to Amitabh.

Priyanka is working in Krrish 3, Barfee and Don 2 opposite Hrithik Roshan, Ranbir Kapoor and Shah Rukh Khan respectively.  In another occurrence, where she was perhaps seeking empathy from her fans on being so overworked, she tweeted, “So..Doin craazy two shifts..Sleepin only 4 hrs..but whats life if it ain’t crazy Yaaal! Krrish3 yesterday..barfee today..Dubai for don2 Tom.”

Big B quickly replied, “@priyankachopra Crazy was in my time baby, 3 shifts in one day and one in another city.Sholay in BLore in morn, Deewar in Mbai at night !!

Big B’s reply left Piggy Chopa puzzled and she then tweeted, “sir ab apse compare karne ki haisiyat nahi hai na… Wow.. Respect sirjee.. @SrBachchan” .

She finally gave in to the disciplining she got from Big B and posted, “Alright guys.imma b a good girl now and quietly go to work.teeheehee..think I shud shuttup for a bit.. Haha!have a brilliant day loves!

I think it was good fun to see Piggy Chops eating modest pie..What do you think?...

-K Himaanshu Shukla..

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