December 09, 2011

Siddharth Bhardwaj apologises to Pooja Misrra

The day starts with yet another apt wake up song, Kehta hai joker sara zamana. All the housemates are seen in the swimming pool doing water aerobics. All were having a hearty laugh and Andrew Symonds too had a ball with his new made friends. Post the swimming session, Sky and Shonali are seen in the bathroom area. Sky reaches out to Shonali, hugs her and apologises for his rude behavior during the jail task. The two sort out their differences like mature adults. After that Sky and Juhi sit in the captain’s room and chat. Sky convinces Juhi that he did not mean to lie or cheat her at any time. He explains to her that it was all for the sake of winning the task. Juhi gets emotional and comments about how she gets affected only when Sky is in the picture, hearing which Sky apologises and gives her a tight hug. The duo makes up and things are cool with them again.

Later, Pooja Misrra, Sky, Amar and Juhi are hanging out in the captain’s room. Here the housemates are all discussing Pooja Misrra’s image created in the outside world. Pooja tells about the harsh reality that she faced after leaving the Bigg Boss 5 house. She adds that since she is an unmarried girl it is just too much to handle in a society like ours. She talks about how people were comparing her knack of violence with the likes of KRK. She also adds her bit on the embarrassment faced by her family and friends. All the housemates sympathise with her and assure her that they would do all in their power to help her get out of this mess. The housemates then console Pooja and tell her not to worry about anything.

In a while, the house phone rings and Siddharth is the first one to pick it up so Bigg Boss gives him a special task. After this the captain’s nominatiosn takes place. A new captain is declared by an election. Sky is then seen in the green room with Siddharth, where he explains to Siddharth about how deeply hurt Pooja is and that he needs to be have bigger heart and apologise to her. The very same minute, Pooja walks int. Siddharth takes this opportunity and tells Pooja that he is very regretful of their past incident and tells her that she is not such a violent person by nature. He also says that her behaviour changed only due to the heat of the situation. Pooja says her side of the story and the duo hugs and compromises.

The daily task was introduced in the form of a small barbrque party organised by Bigg Boss in order to welcome Andrew Symonds and appreciate the completion of the Jail task successfully. Post the party, Mahek bitches about Juhi’s self obsessed nature and how she can stoop to any level in order to demean or degrade anyone. Meanwhile Siddharth is seen defending his stand on the whole issue and tries to prove his innocence. In the end Siddharth is extremely nervous and goes to Pooja Misrra and apologises over and over again.

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