December 24, 2011

RaQesh Vashisht and Ridhi Dogra to quit Maryada?

Maryada Lekin Kab Tak, late night show on Star Plus which is produced by DJ's Creative which is well known for its bold plot is under scanner. The show had been given plenty time to pull up it socks and improve the TRP ratings, nothing of that sort happened and the TRPs have inch by inch been sliding down.

According to the latest buzz show leads RaQesh Vashisht and Ridhi Dogra are on a verge of quitting the show. They were not happy with there track because they think creative team has lost the plot, RaQesh tried to convince them but all the efforts went in vain. They even had heated arguments, finally RaQesh and Ridhi decided to move on from the mess and put down their papers.

RaQesh and Ridhi remained unavailable to comment.

-K Himaanshu Shukla..

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  1. pls adi do not leave the show

  2. I dont have words to express my feelings :'( :'(

  3. Too bad! With other articles saying the show is ending and now this, looks like the show might actually go off air now. For a show that broke barriers and stereotypes, it's sad to see it end so early. Some of the stories have not even had enough time to develop yet and they have to end it, I am not sure if we'll see such a show on TV again. We don't have that many courageous creative teams in Indian TV industry that would take a risk of making a similar show.

    But, I really hope this show starts a trend or at least have encouraged other producers to think out of the box and not always try to cater to general entertainment (but apparently and unfortunately, TRPs drive the shows)

    In a show with so many story lines, it's difficult to keep all the actors in limelight. Rakesh and Riddhi had their time to shine with their love story track (which wasn't too novel!) and Riddhi with her track with Brahma (which was something new). Now the story is focusing on Devyani and Gaurav, which I am guessing they are not happy about

  4. They have made right decision on right time , the show seems lost . Riddhi's track has been sidelined

  5. Please don't quit the show guys...U both totally rock.I don't miss a single episode of this show "Maryada".A unique & strong storyline wid a fabulous & equally strong star cast.Much Much more better than the bakwaas saas bahu serials, believe me guys & who cares abt the TRP's I mean atleast not me & most of the dedicated viewers of ur show like me also would'nt..People want something new & Maryada is a treat for them.So pls Adi & Priya its my hearty request to u don't dissappoint us by quiting the show.I love u guys & luv the serial too.:))

  6. Arey mitra ka re serial sodtoys...ashya serials punha punha hot nahit..ani ase roles pan milat nahit..halli ashya damdar stories aslele serials nightat kuthe?...think over it!!!


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