May 29, 2013

My kids are still very innocent, completely untouched by glamour world : Madhuri Dixit

Dancing Diva Madhuri Dixit is back on small screen with another season of ‘Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa’. She is the reference point when it comes to dance. I was thrilled when I caught up with the charismatic actress with a dazzling pearly smile. Excerpts of interview:

What is new in this season of Jhalak?
We have associated Jhalak with my online dance academy, 'Dance with Madhuri'. On Jhalak, we will teach seven steps in a week. You can learn and upload the steps into my website. We will see it, if someone is good, he/ she gets a reward. The better ones get to come on the show, while the really good ones will get a chance to dance with me. So this time Jhalak is not only for the celebrities but also for the aam janta.

Do you agree when we say that post Madhuri-Era we haven’t seen dancer like you?
That’s your love..that’s your thought (laughs), but I don't endorse it completely. Everybody has their own personality on screen. When you see Priyanka dancing it’s different, she gets her own style. Be it Katrina or any other actress. Everyone has different dancing style. So I think you have to look in that way.

Nowadays who do you think is the best dancer in Bollywood?
Hrithink Roshan, I love his dancing. Recently I danced with Ranbir Kapoor, he also dances very well. The kind of energy he gets on the floor is wonderful.
What about best female dancer in Bollywood?
Katrina Kaif is good, I like Priyanka Chopra also. After watching Band Baja And Baraat I thought Anushka Sharma dances very well.

Who is your biggest critic?
I am big critic of myself. Whenever I see myself onscreen I think maybe I could have done it even better.

At this stage of your career, what is that one dance form that you want to learn?
I wanted to learn tap dancing and did a little bit of it in Stardust awards; we added a few tap dancing elements. But when I see Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire, I feel I should have learn this also.

Is there any reality show that you watch?
I like American Idol. I like to watch that. I love the singers who come on the show.

You have recorded a song with your mom in ‘ Gulab Gang’. How did you convince her?
It just happened. They wanted a voice for a particular sequence, not a proper song. A couple of instruments play in the background and they wanted to make it realistic, so when the director asked me, we would like you to do it. I thought about it and agreed.

The artistic talent what I have is because of my mother. She is interested in music. She had four children but still did MA in music. She couldn't learn dance but made her daughters learn it. All those things we have got from her.  I tricked my mother (laughs). I just told her to come along as I was recording.  I quietly took her along and asked her ‘just sing one line for me na mamma’. She agreed, after which I said 'Mom, you have made your debut at 80!' (laughs).

How was it working with Juhi Chawla in Gulaab Gang?
She is a very good actress herself and we have very nice scenes together. Bahut mazaa aaya saath mein kaam karte hue..

You are doing films, judging reality show and overseeing household work. How do you manage you time?
Karna padta hai like any other working lady. I think before making my schedules. You just have to be more organized..

How did your children react when they saw you dance number Ghagra from ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’?
The first time they saw the song on TV, they came running to me and said 'Mom, you are on TV'. They are still very innocent, completely untouched by glamour world and don't understand it fully. But they were happy that their mother is on TV.

What kind of films you are looking forward to do.
I am looking forward for more challenging roles. Like right now I am doing Gulabi Gang. We finished shooting for the movie, production work is on. I am also doing Dedh-Ishqiya.

You have lost weight. Was that for a role in any film?
I have lost weight to keep myself healthy (laughs). Secondly, I have to be seen on screen, and I have to be slim because the screen adds a lot of weight.  Thirdly, in our profession, we have to look after ourself because I have to dance and be fit.

How do you keep fit?
Eat very healthy. A workout is very important. don't starve but I believe in a good balanced diet. I have five small meals in a day, each meal after every three hours.

-K Himaanshu Shukla...

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Nice interview khimu, finally you met your childhood love ;)

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Thnks a lott for ths luvly artcle, Shes indeed the most Amazng dancer hve evr seen and wit the most humble nature,the fact the she considers her to b the bggst critics to herself shows inspite of being the best dancers for others,shows tht hw much down to earth she is :)

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