January 11, 2014

Lyrics & English Translations of Draupadi entry song,'Kumari Chapi Panchali' from Mahabharat !

In the 10th January 2014 episode of 'Mahabharat', which is currently telecast on Star Plus, Draupadi is shown emerging from Yagya fire. In this particular episode, during this scene a song sanskrit shlok 'Kumari Chaapi Panchali' is played in the background.

Here are the lyrics and English translation of that shlok :

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Kumaari Chapi Panchaali, Vedimadhya Samosthita..
Sumbhagaa Darshiniaangi, Vedimadhya Manoramaa..

Shyaama Padm Palashakshi, Neel Kunchita Murdhaja..
Manusam Vigraham Kritva Saksad Amara Varnini..

Neelotpala Samoghandho, Yasaha Proshaat Pravaayati..
Ya Bibharti Param Rupam, Yasya Nasti Upama Bhuvi..

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English Translation :

Kumaari Chapi Panchaali..
The virgin maiden, with bow like arms(could also mean Sagittarius), the princess of Panchaal..

Vedimadhya Samosthita..
She emerged from the middle of the sacrificial fire..

Sumbhagaa Darshiniaangi..
She is the bringer of good fortune, the most beautiful to behold..

Vedimadhya Manoramaa..
The most entrancing woman, emerged from the middle of the sacrificial fire..

Shyaama Padm Palashakshi..
She is dusky in complexion, with eyes like lotus petals..

Neel Kunchita Murdhaja..
The one with dark and curly hair..

Manusam Vigraham Kritva Saksad Amara Varnini..
..a woman appearing in a real human body with immortal caste .

Neelotpala Samoghandho..

She who is as fragrant as the blue lotus..

Yasaha Proshaat Pravaayati..
She who was born as a fully grown woman..

Ya Bibharti Param Rupam, Yasya Nasti Upama Bhuvi..
There are no words to describe her beauty.. 

-K Himaanshu Shuklaa...

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Amruta said...

thanks for the meaning.

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Thanks Himanshu !

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luv u himaanshu sir <3

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This are such beautiful words set to such nice music. Thanks a lot for sharing.

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Thank you! Treat to see this!

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Thank you for explaining the lyrics pf such a beautiful song...<3 mahabharat<3 draupadi!!♥

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Its good but I like the meaning of Tamil version lyrics more :)

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thanks , saya sangat ngfans sekali sama pemain mahabaratha.. i'm from indonesia :)

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Nice article.

I think the original Mahabharatha shlokas (that appear in this part of the ithihasa - http://www.sacred-texts.com/hin/m01/m01187.htm) have been chosen for the song.

Also, I wonder if it is "chaapi" - I suppose it is "cha api" (meaning "and also") which sounds like "chaapi" when sung.

Anonymous said...

can you give me the lyrics of tamil version please?

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thanks a tonne....i m a grt fan of mahabharat...are u too??

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The worship of beauty of a woman without any kind of vulgarity... Our best open minded culture..

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