January 11, 2014

Lyrics & English Translations of Draupadi entry song,'Kumari Chapi Panchali' from Mahabharat !

In the 10th January 2014 episode of 'Mahabharat', which is currently telecast on Star Plus, Draupadi is shown emerging from Yagya fire. In this particular episode, during this scene a song sanskrit shlok 'Kumari Chaapi Panchali' is played in the background.

Here are the lyrics and English translation of that shlok :

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Kumari Chapi Panchali Lyrics In Hindi

कुमारी चापी पंचाली वेदिमध्यसमस्थिता
सुभगादार्शिनिअंगी वेदिमध्यमानोरमा

श्यामापद्मपल्शाक्षी नीलकुंचितमूर्धजा
मान्यशामा विग्रहाम कृत्वा सकसद अमरा वर्णिनी..

नीलोत्पला समोहान्धो यासः प्रशात प्रवायटी
या बिभर्ति परम रूपम एसयू नास्ति उपमा भुवि..

Kumari Chapi Panchali Lyrics In English

Kumaari Chapi Panchaali, Vedimadhya Samosthita..
Sumbhagaa Darshiniaangi, Vedimadhya Manoramaa..

Shyaama Padm Palashakshi, Neel Kunchita Murdhaja..
Manusam Vigraham Kritva Saksad Amara Varnini..

Neelotpala Samoghandho, Yasaha Proshaat Pravaayati..
Ya Bibharti Param Rupam, Yasya Nasti Upama Bhuvi..

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English Translation Of Kumari Chapi Panchali 

Kumaari Chapi Panchaali..
The virgin maiden, with bow like arms(could also mean Sagittarius), the princess of Panchaal..

Vedimadhya Samosthita..
She emerged from the middle of the sacrificial fire..

Sumbhagaa Darshiniaangi..
She is the bringer of good fortune, the most beautiful to behold..

Vedimadhya Manoramaa..
The most entrancing woman, emerged from the middle of the sacrificial fire..

Shyaama Padm Palashakshi..
She is dusky in complexion, with eyes like lotus petals..

Neel Kunchita Murdhaja..
The one with dark and curly hair..

Manusam Vigraham Kritva Saksad Amara Varnini..
..a woman appearing in a real human body with immortal caste .

Neelotpala Samoghandho..

She who is as fragrant as the blue lotus..

Yasaha Proshaat Pravaayati..
She who was born as a fully grown woman..

Ya Bibharti Param Rupam, Yasya Nasti Upama Bhuvi..
There are no words to describe her beauty.. 

-K Himaanshu Shuklaa...

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  10. If you could give it thought from scientific angle...

    No one could be born from a fire that too a full grown women not possible...

    Draupadi was an Alien gifted to Drupad from the Gods above so was Dhrustadyumna...So were the Karn, The Yudhisthir, The Bheem, Arjuna and Nakul Sahdev...

    With meaning mentioned here...Sagittarius like arms..is misinterpreted..It clearly states that she originated from Sagittarius constellation..

    It's very first line of the verse... so by common sense it's like her introduction...like we introduce ourselves or someone e.g. he is Ajay from Mumbai...why the writer would describe her arms in the first line???


    She emerged from fire...Could be a spaceship tractor beam...like we see in Hollywood movies...Fire engulfs...doesnt create.

    Third, Amara Varini, can be depicted as her protective gear when she landed on earth...A lady in a protective gear...

    Fourth, There are no words to describe is half explanation...Yasya nasti upama bhuvi...means there are no words or a title of earth that can describe her appearance (Alien appearance)

    The Duryodhan was rightfully kept out of the Swayamvar because he was

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    3. Donot compare our scripts with scientific angle. Science is growing every day and its knowledge is not complete. Clearly mentioned in epic she emerged from middle or yagna i.e. from fire thats why she is called "Yagsainayi". Donot compre her with normal humans. She was Goddess with special powers thats why she emerged from yag or fire.

  11. Duryodhan was rightfully kept out of Swayamvar because he was human born...Karn was the right choice for her but both belonged to fire elements Karn was Son of Sun God and Draupadi the daughter of fire...This couple would hv brought havoc hence Arjun the Son of Indra (Rain) was married to her to keep the elemental balance...Opposites attract theory...many such things can be shared...

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    3. Thanks for the meaning of the shloka..draupadi was one of the most sacred and beautiful women of our mythology and epics.
      She was a jewel of women.
      Those giving negative comments can't be called hindu.
      Science is a child that is born some thousand years ago..our vedas,mantras etc are sanatana that is timeless.