August 04, 2014

TELLY DIVA: I am a big foodie : Sneha Wagh

Charming actress Sneha Wagh, rose to fame from Imagine TV's 'Jyoti'. The ever ravishing girl was born and brought up in Kalyan (Maharastra), is currently seen in Star Plus show 'Veera'. Sneha, who was always known for her stout figure while she was doing Jyoti, recently underwent a makeover. Now the bubbly actress looks more beautiful than ever. We had a candid chat with this striking actress, while she was shooting for Veera. Here she talks about her journey till date:

Let us start from very beginning, how was Sneha as a child?
Unlike most of kids, I was very quite. In-fact, when somebody came home, they couldn't believe there was a toddler in the house. Gradually I became mastikhor and started doing notorious things. Academically I was very good. I was loved by each and everyone because I did not break rules and regulations.

Are you still a mastikhor?
Yes I am (laughs). Though I am strict and very disciplined girl when it comes to work, at the same time I am naughty at heart. People say I look quite and calm, but one can easily notice the naughtiness in my eyes.

Tell us about your family background?
I came from a typical, middle-class Marathi family. My dad is working. My mom, Damyanti Wagh is a highly reputed person in the Marathi industry. She is a lyricist. I have a younger sister is on the verge of starting her career, she just finished her 12th exams.

Though you are a classical dancer, you haven't perused it as a career. Was becoming an actor always your dream?
My first love, first preference was dance, so I learned Bharatnatyam, Kuchipudi, Kathak and Indian folk dance forms. I had never thought I would be an actress, it just happened by chance.

If given an opportunity to make a career in your first love that's dancing, will you choose it?
No, now I won't change my profession. Earlier I used to dream that I will make my career in dance. I wanted to become a dance teacher and open my own dance institute. But now things have changed, as an actress I am more happy and merrier here then I would have been there.

How did you take your first step in the glamour world?
As I said, it was not planned it just happened. I went for an audition, they short-listed me and within seven days I was shooting for 'Jyoti'.

What was your perception about showbiz before you started your career?
I didn't have any perception, I came here as a blank slate. Also, I didn't had any reservations that I only want to do theatres, films or television shows. I just went with the flow.

For your current show Veera, you have waited for about 12 months. Is it true?
You won't believe I shot the pilot episodes for Veera a year ago before it went on-air. After the pilot shoot, I fell in love with the show. The story, backdrop, chemistries between the characters were so good.

If given an opportunity, will you do reality shows like Jhalak, Nach Baliye or Khatron Ke Khiladi?
I am open to do dance based reality shows, but I will never do a show like Fear Factor.

You have lost 10 kgs in 5 months. Do comment.
I am a big foodie and I put on weight easily. But then I realised last year that I needed to lose those extra kilos. So I went on a diet. During the lunch hours, I used to lock myself in my make-up room. Because whenever I see food I eat it. I tend to have this tendency, mujhe khaana dekhke khaane ka mann karta hai. So I went for strict diet. When you go out you eat more, so I stopped going out, stopped socializing. I controlled my temptation to lose weight.

Are you on any networking site?
Yes, I am on Facebook, Instagram and twitter. But I am very much active on micro-blogging site.

Are you a victim of Cyber Crime?
I had a very bad experience. Somebody hacked my mailbox & Facebook and maliciously used it. I even approached the cyber police, but unfortunately it didn't helpme. I would to tell everyone that please use networking sites carefully because they can be misused very easily.

Why Bollywood is not too open to accept Television actress?
Probably because a daily soap gives you more visibility. You watch a particular face everyday, might be that is the reason behind this. Also, television is women centric whereas Bollywood is male dominated.

Rapid Fire with Sneha...

Dream role?
I would love to play a Maharani or a princess. I am also fascinated to play a Goddess in some mythological show.

Dream actor to work with?
Frankly speaking, I don't have a dream to work with any particular actor as such. I am open to work with anyone.

Sneha's fitness mantra..
Eat healthy food at the right interval, don't over eat.

Sneha’s beauty mantra…
Sleep well, because lack of sleep can lead to dark circles and loss of glow from your face. And always carry smile on your face.

Sneha’s fashion funda…
I'm a firm believer that you should wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. I think, you look best when you are comfortable with your clothes.

The real Sneha is...
Fun loving, naughty..

Future plans…
I am looking forward to play meaningful, strong roles. Apart from current show Veera, I am doing Marathi film.

Your message for our readers..
Keep showering me with your love and blessings. 


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