August 04, 2014

Jhalli Anjali 4th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Dhruv yells to leave provides for him injectin,,he falls asleep..anjali is shocked..on an alternate side balwinder tries to tell tauji however Amisha shuts her mouth hard… Taijii asks what happened,,,amisha tells nothing balwinder needs phone..her mother asks in what manner would she be able to oversee Amisha lets it know’s okey..and goes..dhruv is swooned Babli Chadda goes..amisha provides for her telephone to ballu..anjali is as of now holding up outsite the cottage..amisha calls Anjali as the telephone rings Babli chadda hears and let her know pack parts to hunt down the individual who is concealing Anjali gets stressed tells that she has aimed to get salvage of Dhruv yet she trapped..what to do now..babli chadda comes in the course where Anjali is standing..shows the gun yet does”nt discover anyone..anjali covers up once more of a jeep..babli comes gradually and gradually and inquiries close jeep… work that telephone of a laborer rings..babli yells at him,,,babli comes and inquires as to whether kidney is accessible or not Doctor says it is not Cash embed a card and take out money..babli chadda says it worth rs 5lakh..shouts that the Work ought to be carried out soon..anjali sees specialist working dhruv..anjali goes to dr snd says that babli chadda declined to do the goes..amisha takes Balwinder piggy Bank..

Specialist cmes to Babli and tells that if operation is not done additionally he will take full money..babli asks who said to stop the says her assistent..babli gets stunned and goes to check..anjali tries to wakeful Dhruv yet he is still unconscious..anjali gets a thought… Anjali brings a trolley of laborer and goes..babli comes in the Rooom however doesnot find Dhruv she yells… Anjali as of now concealing and attempting to escape… Amisha and pinky gradually goes Tauji and Taiji gets and asks where she is going at long last balwinder comes and spares her… Amisha leaves… .Anjali is concerned tensed dont comprehend what to do… .Anjali takes Dhruv in a room and conceals… Babli comes convey a blade under control… Room scents foul… Doctor tells nobody Can stay in this foul emanation for long time..babli tells he is correct and goes..the room is Dark and there is no light Anjali yells as her leg is injured..anjali sms the area to Amisha..amisha is in the Car alongside Pinky orchestrates the cash recieves the message and gets stressed… Babli yells and advise his pack parts to discover the girl..she advises to clean the room..anjali gets blissful as she can undoubtedly escape room..anjali blankets herself with shawl,,wears a top and spreads the face… Anjali turns out alongside trolley..covers the trolley… Comes out Babli asks what is this Anjali tells she is a specialist and the trolley holds dead rats and some rice..babli advises alright and lets her know to go out… .Amisha comes and gives the Money to Anjali supposing she is part of Babli..anjali tells she is Anjali..anjali sits in auto dhruv is still oblivious… Babli discovers that Dhruv got away… Babli runs..and finds Amisha”s auto adjacent … Amisha gets worried..babli raises gun at Anjali… Anjali gives tell 50thousand is prepared demonstrate the envelope..falls on the ground she gradually pick ups the sand and tosses in Babli Chadda eyes..amisha begins the auto and they Escape.. Babli yells platitude having a go at her place they decieve her and gone..

Vp opens the entryway Babli comes and raises gun against Anjali..dhruv

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