August 07, 2014

TAM RATINGS-Week 31, 2014: Disney leads, CN and Pogo tied at no. 2

Things are really heating up in the kids space, for starters in the past two weeks Nick triumphed over its competition, and the next three positions were closely contested for. But, finally in week 31 Disney Channel has broken the shackles and leads the pack with 214 TVTs, with a growth of 26 TVTs from the past week.

The folks at Turner India would also be breathing easy as its mainstay channel Cartoon Network along with its younger sibling have added to its ratings from the earlier week; CN is at 212 TVTs in wk 31 (193 TVTs in wk 30) and Pogo too is tied at 212 TVTs (190 TVTs in wk 30)

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Coming in fourth, as a result of the tie is last two week’s leader Nick with 209 TVTs (214 TVTs in wk 30), and close on its heel is Hungama at 196 TVTs (175 TVTs in wk 30).

In terms of the reach of the channels, CN’s 39 per cent is followed by Pogo and Nick’s 38 per cent closely followed by Disney with 34 per cent.

Among the shows Bheem Aur Salman Khan Ki Kick, Chhota Bheem and the movie Taarzan – The Wonder Car all on Pogo were the most watched.

-K Himaanshu Shukla...
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