August 12, 2014

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th August 2014 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Mihika’s boss asking her to come in Ashok’s birthday party at his farmhouse. He asks her to come as she works in Ashok’s company and come thinking its her work, as she is the lead model now. Mihika thinks whats this problem now, I can’t bear Ashok Khanna, as she wants to avoid Ashok and has to attend party now. Raman talks to someone and asks for all details till evening, about consumer forum head number and Dental association head number as he wants to talk to them personally. He says if Ishita cooks like this, it won’t be good. He asks someone to bring food and says its my mistake.

Raman calls Mrs. Bhalla and talks to her. Mrs. Bhalla talks to Ishita coming in her room about Ruhi. Mrs. Bhalla tries to make Ishita busy and asks her to take Ruhi to spa. Ishita says fine, I will take Ruhi after she comes from school. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita to arrange her cupboard. Ishita agrees. Mrs. Bhalla says Raman’s idea is good to make Ishita busy to divert her mind from tensions. Raman talks to Pathak and asks about the case. Pathak says we need proof and witness to prove Ishita innocent. Raman says I don’t have, what to do, her career is at stake, find out about Suraj Kumar, who is he and from where did he come. Mihir walks in and sees Raman angry. Mrs. Bhalla messes her cupboard to increase Ishita’s work to make her busy. Mrs. Bhalla thanks Ishita as Ishita arranges it. She asks Ishita to go and meet Amma.

Ishita tells about Varalaxmi puja. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to go in it. Mrs. Bhalla says Raman did some good deeds that he got a good wife like her, now she will fast for him, they should be happy. Raman tells Mihir about Suraj and he will make Suraj apologize to Ishita. Mihir smiles. Raman asks why is he smiling. Mihir says I m sure she will get her license back, but I m glad seeing you tensed about Ishita. Raman asks what do you mean. Mihir says I saw you worrying for Ruhi’s mum, but today worrying for your wife, its good to see you this way, I m proud of you. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………….plays…………. Raman thinks you are right, Suraj created a problem for himself troubling Raman’s wife.

Ishita asks Vandu who told her Romi is not Mrs. Bhalla’s son. Vandu says Amma. Amma tells Ishita that she heard Mrs. Bhalla talking to the doctor in the hospital, about baby swapping. She says she was in tension. Ishita says if it was there, she would be tensed, she is fine, I feel it’s a confusion. Amma says she was worried, I thought to meet her, I saw she is alone, she did not want anyone to see her. Mihika comes and takes the laddoo. Vandu says Romi looks different. Raman is short and Romi is tall. Ishita says Raman is not short. Vandu smiles and says Romi looks different.

Ishita says anyone would have known about this, that Romi is changed, and not Raman’s brother. Mihika hears this last words and is shocked. She tells this to Mihir. Mihir laughs and says this happens in Bollywood films, its misunderstanding, Raman would have known it. Office peon hears this from Mihir and comes to Romi with tea. Romi says I don’t want tea, but coffee. The peon sees Raman and Romi asks what happened, tell me. The man says Raman’s younger brother is not his own brother. Romi is shocked and asks what is he saying. The man says I just heard, his brother was swapped in hospital.

Romi says I will beat you. He says I told what I heard, why are you angry. Romi asks who said it. He says boss. Romi asks him to leave. Romi meets Sarika and shares this news with her. Sarika says how can you believe this, its wrong. Romi says am I not my mum’s son, not my brother’s brother. Sarika asks him to find it and clear his doubt. He says but if its true then. She says if you think bad, bad will happen, if you think good, good will happen, don’t worry, I will come with you. Romi says really and thanks her.

Poornima comes and Ishita greets her. Poornima says I came to check property, my broker will come now. Ishita says she felt glad meeting her. Poornima asks about Ruhi. Ishita says my brother in law is bringing her home, she is on the way. Poornima gives chocs to Ruhi. Ishita says no. Poornima insists. Ishita says fine, I will give her. Poornima sees Mrs. Bhalla coming and leaves hiding her face. Ishita tells Mrs. Bhalla that she is waiting for Ruhi. Ruhi comes and Ishita goes to take her. Poornima says its good I heard Mrs. Bhalla coming, if she saw me, it would be a problem.

Raman comes to know about Suraj. He says Pathak, this is general info, I don’t have to hire him. Mihir says Suraj has political contacts. Raman says find which minister he knows, and we will trouble him by that minister, Suraj Kumar you are gone. Ruhi comes and shows her hairstyle to Mrs. Bhalla. Mrs. Bhalla says Ruhi and Ishita, both look good. Ishita says spa people were behind me. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to do some fashion, and see Pammi’s daughter in law. Ruhi leaves.

Ishita thanks Mrs. Bhalla for diverting her mind today. Mrs. Bhalla says it was Raman’s idea, he called me and asked me to do this. Ishita is surprised and smiles. Mrs. Bhalla says he told me all this, as he cares for you. Ishita says I will thank him, its very sweet of him. Mrs. Bhalla says I m sweet as he is my son. She asks Ishita to soak Rajma and she will teach her to cook. Ishita leaves. Mrs. Bhalla says Raman was always a good husband and Shagun did not respect him, but Ishita does respect him a lot.

The party starts at Ashok’s farmhouse. Suraj comes there and sees Shagun and Adi with Ashok. Shagun wishes happy birthday to Ashok. Adi gifts Ashok. Ashok thanks them. Shagun says I have ordered Chinese food which you like. Suraj notices them. Ashok sees him and asks him to come. Adi greets Suraj. Shagun says we called Ashok’s close friends. Suraj says you should have told me, I would have arranged in any five star hotel, whats this in small farmhouse, its suffocated. Ashok says Shagun wanted to do this. Ashok asks Shagun to get some drinks. Shagun takes Adi as she has surprise for him.

Suraj asks Ashok whats this, he is a big business and he is sticking to her. I m seeing you are with this divorcee and spending time with her son. You are most eligible bachelor, whats the need to keep her hanged on. Ashok says its ok Suraj, why do you think so. Suraj shows him the Chinese food which he does not touch. Shagun looks on standing far. Suraj says did she ask me what I like, can’t she ask. He says wife should be of your status, you had good timepass, now go ahead. She is using you, she is a gold digger, I can see it.

Raman puts the cake on Ashok’s face and wishes him happy birthday. Everyone is shocked. Ashok says how dare you. Raman says don’t trouble my wife, else I will bring you and your brother on road..

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