August 16, 2014

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th August 2014 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with pandit telling the importance of the fast to Ishita. Mihir tells Raman that this will ruin their business too. Raman says I know, I did this for Ishita. Romi hears everything. Raman says I don’t regret, I deserve this. The pandit asks the women to take their husband’s name and do the puja. The puja is done. Raman says there is some relation where any kind of sacrifice looks small, Ashok and his brother revoked Ishita’s license, she works as its her passion, not for money. Mihir asks but there might be any other way. Raman says Ishita is very important to me, she made many sacrifices for me. Mihir says I m thinking about company’s future, Ashok won’t be quiet. Raman says let him bark, everytime we can’t see profit and loss, there is something called family, which is important.

Ishita prays for Raman’s prosperity and her family. Raman says I did this for Ishita, I don’t know its right or wrong, Ishita deserves it. If Ashok asks my companies, I will give him, whats the presidentship then. Romi thinks Raman sacrifices so much, business, reputation and everything, all for Ishita, I think I should tell this to her. He leaves. Mihika tells Ishita that Raman resigned from presidentship and recommended Ashok. Ishita says but why did he do this, he did not tell me, I think its Ashok’s plan, he is taking revenge. This is personal.

Romi comes and says Raman did this for you. He says I heard Raman and Mihir talking. Raman did this so that Suraj returns your license, do you think Raman will be scared of Ashok and do this. Ishita says why did I not think this, all cake drama and fight for my license. She thinks about Raman and Suraj’s argument in the hospital. She thinks of Raman’s words. She says he did all this for me. She says he resigned from his position. She gets sad and cries.

She says this is not done, he should have asked me once. I can’t make him do this. Romi says its about your career and you know Raman, he tried hard and when nothing happened, he did this agreeing to Ashok. He says Raman did so much for you. She says yes, but its not small, its very big thing, he was the president and his years long reputation ruined because of me and my license, I can’t even think about it, why did he do all this. She says I should have understood Suraj won’t take case back so easily as he is Ashok’s brother, I m so stupid, I did not think how I got it back. Romi asks her not to cry, think he did this for you.

She says yes, he did it for me, it does not mean I will make him do this. He says please don’t tell Raman about this, else he will hang me, I told you as I thought you should know everything. She says I won’t ask Raman anything, but today I kept a fast for him, for his honor and position. I will teach a good lesson to Suraj and get back Raman’s position., Mrs. Bhalla makes Shravan wear the Pagdi. She says you are looking Punjabi. He says I m looking cartoon. She laughs and says no, you are looking better than Ruhi, you show her being Punjabi kid. Amma sees Shravan and asks why is he wearing such clothes. Mrs. Bhalla comes and Amma argues.

Ruhi comes and laughs saying Shravan is looking multi color cartoon. Shravan goes to change. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma argue. Mrs. Bhalla asks her why did she tell everyone about Romi. Amma says nothing like that, I was tensed and I told Vandu and then everyone knew, I m sorry, I did not mean so. Amma says punish me Santoshi. Mrs. Bhalla says Toshi ji. Amma folds her and Mrs. Bhalla holds her forgiving her. Ruhi comes dressed in Punjabi clothes and Mrs. Bhalla hugs her.

Ishita and Romi are on the way and she says she wants to talk to Suraj why he did this and she is doing this for Raman. Romi says they are wrong people, we will take Raman’s help. She says I want to confront him, if you want to come, you can. She sees Suraj meeting some guy. Romi asks are you sure, I know both of them. Ishita says I can’t care about them. Romi says he is biggest bookie of Delhi. He smiles and says got it, the match is starting and they are match fixing. She asks is he sure. Romi says yes. Ishita says see what game I play now for Raman.

Mr and Mrs. Bhalla hear the news about Raman’s resign. He calls Raman and puts on speaker. Romi and Ishita come and hear it. Raman says it happens in business. Mr. Bhalla says what will people think. Raman gets angry and asks him not to interfere. Mr. Bhalla gets annoyed and ends the call. She says he is worried, leave him alone. He leaves. Ishita feels bad seeing this.

Raman meets the Association head who asks him why is he resigning, they need him. Its still time, reconsider your decision. Mihir asks Raman to think and Raman says its final. Ashok and Parmeet come there and Raman is about to sign. The head says we will announce formally tomorrow about Ashok being the president now. Ashok taunts Raman. Raman signs on the papers and closes the file. Raman says they does not like the things he gives him. He says I have given you everything. You have all the things I rejected, it suits you.

Romi tells Ishita that we have to act smart as Suraj is a big man. Ishita says we have to workout our plan, before Suraj goes form that hotel, we have to catch them red handed and before they take over the post from Raman. Romi gets an idea and smiles.

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