June 24, 2016

Zee Anmol Presents ‘Afsar Bitiya’..

Nelson Mandela said ‘Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world,’ and educating girls not only improves gender equality, but also promotes the healthy development of families, communities and nations. Taking this thought forward, Zee Anmol launches ‘Afsar Bitiya’ premiering Saturday 25 June at 7:30 PM that will inspire audiences across the country.

Set in Bhagalpur (Bihar), Afsar Bitiya highlights the importance of girl child education. It is the story of Krishna Raj, a young village girl and her dream to work hard and make a difference in society.

Mitaali Nag plays the lead role of Krishna, an ambitious woman who is strong willed and self-sufficient. Coming from a lower middle class family, where no one had ever got a better job than a clerk, Krishna, through her hard work and dedication becomes a B.D.O. (Block Development Officer). The show traces the journey of this honest and determined girl from an extremely moderate background who deals with ever changing family situations after she becomes successful in her career.

'Afsar Bitiya' is produced by the popular television content writer Mr. Rakesh Paswan under the banner 'Village Boy Productions'. Commenting on ‘Afsar Bitiya, Mr. Paswan said, "This subject is very close to my heart. The inspiration of the story is my own little sister who is a BDO in one of the districts in Jharkhand. Through the lead protagonist Krishna, I hope millions of girls living in small towns and villages of India will be inspired to pursue their dreams and not succumb to societal pressures. I also want to send a message to all the parents to give equal importance to their daughters to help them build a bright and glorious career for themselves."

Along with Mitali Nag, veteran actors Virendra Saxena and Shahbaz Khan and young heartthrobs Kinshuk Mahajan, Yash Sinha and Shivshakti Sachdev play pivotal roles in this show. Commenting on the launch of the show Mitaali Nag said, "I'm absolutely thrilled to be playing the lead role of Krishna in 'Afsar Bitiya' simply because of its strong social message! A Block Development Officer is a person who works towards community development and helps in uplifting the lives of the weaker sections of the society. I read a lot about the responsibilities of a B.D.O before taking up this project and it really inspired me. I will feel good if I'm able to inspire even one young Indian girl among teeming millions to become a B. D. O."

Krishna's unexpected achievement bring a lot of happiness for her family, but is her happiness meant to stay forever? Will Krishna be able to keep her values after she becomes 'Afsar Bitiya'?

Tune into Afsar Bitiya, premiering on Saturday, 25th June 2016, Mon - Sunday at 7:30 pm, only on Zee Anmol.

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