November 29, 2016

Have you been feeling frustrated lately?

I was stressed, because of personal and professional issues. Out of the blue, I opened my Instagram and the first thing that popped was Doreen's latest update :)..which was the above card 'Ask and you shall receive, that your joy may be full.'

For others it might be just a normal post by an American author, but I BELIEVE that's the message for me, from our Universal father, who loves us unconditionally conveyed by Doreen 😇

Doreen's post had a beautiful caption, with a amazing prayer. She wrote:

This card is filled with prayers for your comfort, peace, and confidence in Heaven's love for you. Have you been feeling frustrated lately? Because there's a strong message about overcoming blocks.

The guardian angels are saying that blocks come from a fear-based focus. If you try to manifest for ego reasons (to impress others, gain acceptance, be liked, etc.), the manifestation cannot happen.

Let's work with the amazing energy of Jesus to unblock, purify, and uplift your desires. Jesus and God will help you to have anything that you need for your life purpose. They can't help you to get what you might want for your ego, because that wouldn't be the path to true and lasting happiness.

Be sure to ask for help today from God and Jesus. It doesn't matter how you ask, as long as you're sincere. Here's a helpful prayer:

Dear God,

Please come into my heart and purify my intentions, dissolving away any fears about lack.
Please help me to release all the negativity, and stop all attractions to fear energy.

Please fill my heart and mind with your pure love, so that I only desire that which is real, lasting, and meaningful.

Please guide me on how to dedicate my life to following your will, and to help others in the best way.

Thank you!🙏

Your Loving Child,💫
-K Himaanshu Shuklaa..

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