February 23, 2011

Aasiya kazi enters in Maati Ki Banno!..

Good News for all the fans of Aasiya Kazi, who is well known as Santo of Bandini. She will be seen in new avatar in Matti Ki Banno, and will now be seen doing a challenging role of Saudamini.

Saudamini is obessed over her husband and has some negative shades too.   She is ex-wife of Vikam. Aasiya has already started shoots for Hema Malini’s Matti Ki Banno, her entry will is expected by beginning of next week.

Aasiya confirmed the news, “Yes I am entering as the parallel lead in Matti Ki Banno, where I will play ex-wife of Manoj Chandila(Vikram in the show).  The character is entirely different from my Bandini’s character, hope my fans like it.”

Most of the Aasiya fans want Bandini to be back with season two, they will be stun for sure after watching Aasiya doing a character with grey shades.

-K Himaanshu Shukla..!

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Anonymous said...

awesome news

Anonymous said...

Feeling happy for the news.But still i am waiting for Bandini2.But i will watch the serial and all the best for sweet Aasiya.

Anonymous said...

we want is bandini season 2

Anonymous said...

Aasiya in a new show, thats fantastic. Someone true said talent speaks more than anything else.
That's y she got a new role so soon,
miss sanraj n santu but am happy for this new experiment of hers. Never saw this show earlier but will now for aasiya. N am eagerly waiting for bandini2, want to see Ronit sir n Aasiya together soon

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

my baby is back, can't wait to see her in her new avatar. Thanks for the news.

Anonymous said...

Great news for asiya..will watch for her, but will also wait for bandini to return as season 2. :D

Anonymous said...

This is great exposure for asiya until bandini returns as season 2.

Anonymous said...

this is great, she will get different experience and when she is back in Bandini season 2 she will rock even more..........all the best Aasiya and will watch this for you only, but will wait for Bandini season 2

Anonymous said...

One will soon see the entry of Bandini actor Aasiya Qazi in Maati Ki Banno. And the upcoming track on the show will not just be spooky but an important indication of the story that will now unfold.

A source says, "Hema had seen Asiya's work in Bandini and hence wanted her on the show. Besides she was also sure that Aasiya would be able to play the role of an obsessed lover.

"Aasiya will be seen playing the role of Saudamini Vikram's ex-wife who is obsessed with pink colour, fire, mud toys and Vikram (Manoj Chandila). In the upcoming track Avanti (Via Roy Choudhury) starts noticing strange things happening in the house. Things start going wrong and she also sees someone running in the corridors with her pink sari pallu flying in the air. Avanti finds random articles like a potter's wheel, mud toys, rangoli with diyas that mysteriously disappear and things that suddenly catch fire. In spite of all these things happening in the house the family stays quiet. Avanti will realize that there is something fishy going on behind her back and she will start looking out for clues. But, she will soon get to know that this lady is Vikram's first wife who lives in the same house. This will come as a shock to Avanti."

Aasiya confirmed her participation and said, "I started shooting yesterday and I am quite excited about this show. I have been very lucky that after Bandini I got something different to do. I am happy with this role and will put in my hundred percent. But, I will obviously miss Bandini as its very close to my heart."

Via says, "Yes, you will get to see a very interesting track coming up. As we have created this suspense now and we are all looking forward to it. I have been getting reviews from people and everybody is waiting to see Saudamini, so let's see."

Anonymous said...

agreed we will BE stunned but still want bandini back with ROSIYA & also loved aasiya whatever ever she will done as we love her as actor a lot.....

Kaaya Thapliyal said...

aasiya in maati ki banno matlab no chances for bandini season 2 :( :(

anjali said...

L.O.L she can't ever look a vamp she's so cute...the innocency and childishness on her face can't be hidden...especially her kiddo voice..but am looking forward to see her in this avatar.

And we are true BANDINIans, SANRAJians, RONITIans and KAZIans..we'll deffo get back our show Bandini as season 2.
Till then this show is a gud timepass for our angel AASIYA .!

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