May 19, 2011

"Tears trigger TRP" : Aasiya Kazi

Aasiya kazi is well known as Santo became house hold name after super success of her debut show Bandini. Bandini was produced by Balaji Telefilms. When Bandini gone off air, its protagonist Aasiya Kazi was bombarded with lots of offer, but she decided to play an obssessed wife in Hema Malini's Maati Ki Banno on Colors. The 20-year-old girl chats up with Enlighten India’s Media Manager K Himaanshu Shukla.

Bandini happened suddenly, I went for audition. Ekta saw the audition, she liked me and selected me to play Santo. I was extremely nervous but super excited at the same time. Nervous Because I was a new bie in this industry and Bandini was my first show, I was unaware how television works. I used to get goose bumps, knowing how lucky I am because I will share screen space with Ronit da(Ronit Roy). I didn’t have any formal training in acting; I got trained while doing the show.

Ronit da, Rasika ji and the directors were quite supportive. I am blessed to be able to work with senior people at the very beginning of my career. Whenever I have a problem I take help from them, they make me understand how to act, how to carry myself in front of camera. They taught me how to cry and how to laugh on screen.”

When I asked how she managed to cry so much on screen, she laughed and replied by saying that “If you are playing female lead in the daily soap then you have to cry. Lead ki kismat me rona hi likha hota hai, muskuraane ka mauka to kabhi kabhi hi milta hai. The viewers of daily soaps are chiefly women, remote is under their control and nothing touches them better than tears. I guess tears trigger TRPs.

In real life I don’t like rona or rulana. I love to live life happily. I feel more happy when the people surrounded me are happy. I like to play pranks so that I can make them happy.”

Bandini was a huge hit, Aasiya’s chemistry with Ronit Roy has been appreciated. Ekta Kapoor once said that “In spite of huge age difference Aasiya and Ronit look so good as a couple, they make a good eye-candy”. Ekta’s words came true, Aasiya and Ronit are still remembered as one of the best onscreen jodi. After Bandini went off air, loyal fans started demanding for the show to comeback with season two.

Aasiya reacts on this and said, “From people around me and from the networking sites I get messages that they want season two. Bandini ran for 2 years and 1 month, whole cast and crew is truly like one big joint family. I hope Bandini come back with season two. If not then I wish I get opportunity to work with the same people. I still miss Bandini, even my display picture on my blackberry and on my networking profile are from Bandini. The show is special to be, before Bandini I was part of crowd, people rush past me, pushed me. But after Bandini I am recognized in the crowd, people turn around and look at me. I feel overwhelmed when our fans cal us ROSIYA(Ronit+aAsiya) or SANRAJ(Santo+Dharamraj). People give us love, appreciation in return of our hard work in Bandini.”

When asked why she put behind the sacrificing nature that was in the blood of Santo and did a negative character in Matti Ki Banno, she replied “After Bandini went off air I got offer from 2-3 reality shows but I couldn’t go for it as I already signed Matti Ki Banno. I got offer from one reality show which I wanted to do desperately, may be next year I will try to do that show. I also wanted to do dance reality show, I think I can dance also. I was a dance student of Shiamak Davar; and have completed my course. I am ready to play with worms and perform deadly stunts. By portraying Saudamini in Matti Ki Banno, I learnt to perform stunts. It was not a negative character, but yes it has some negative shades. Saudamini was madly in love with her husband Vikram, it was completely obsessed type character. She forces her husband to love her.”

Aasiya neither resemble Santo nor Saudamini, Aasiya is short tempered and talkative, she can’t keep quiet for more time where as Santo is very quite. The sweet looking actor is exactly opposite of Saudamini, and believes we can't force someone to love you. “You should understand your partner & vice-versa. If by hook or by crook you get the love from someone then it will very soon vanish. Love means sacrifice not forcing anybody to love you. Saudamini set rules in relationship and I don’t. I deem that understanding is much more required in a relationship,” she quips.

She got an offer to do Bandini when she was in class 11th. She used to take books on the sets, initially she managed to I get time to study and act, but then she quits her studies after 12th as it’s not possible to manage study and acting at the same time due to hectic schedule. As now Matti Ki Banno is over, the actor is planning to wait for some time. If she gets an offer for another show then she will do it, else she will continue her studies.

The actor said marriage is not on the cards, she want to concentrate on her career. “I want to prove myself as an actor then I will think about marriage. I wish I get a new show soon and continue entertaining my fans like I did in Bandini and Matti Ki Banno.

We wish the fabulous actress continued success in the years to come...

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