November 22, 2011

Afsar Bitiya press conference


  1. Deiying to see new pair kinshuk & mitali.

  2. It seems Mrs. Mahajan has prepared herself to adjust with Mr Kinshuk Mahajan's busy life as an actor. Kinshuk Mahajan who recently tied the knot with his childhood love Divya is back in action to shoot and promote Zee TV's Afsar Bitiya.

    Barely few days into their marriage and the couple is back to Mumbai. Yesterday Kinshuk made a humble appearance to the press conference of the show giving his wife's birthday a miss. He not only attended the press meet without any hurry but also fulfilled all the media requirements.

    When asked Kinshuk about the same he states, "I know it's my wife's birthday and I am also in the hurry to go back home but frankly speaking she understands the requirement of this industry as she was along with me for my first audition, so I am sure she won't mind."

    Kudos to your professionalism Kinshuks!

  3. i am very excited for see this show because km character is very different also i think its sure is full of strugle for study for a lady and inspire a lady for study

  4. Happy Valentine Day Mitali

    Aap Mujhe Bhaut Achi Lagti Ho.. Aapki Serial bhi Acchi Hain... Aapke Karan Mujhe Serial Dekhna Padta Hain.. Main jyada to kuch nahi kehna chahata hoon...


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