May 22, 2012

'Bade Achhe Lagte Hain' to undergo a major change post leap

Balaji Telefilms show ‘Bade Achhe Lagte Hain’ will undergo some major changes soon. If everything goes fine then the show will take a leap of four-seven years. Ram Kapoor will be forced to marry Ayesha, after she is dumped by her love interest Siddhanth(Mahesh Shetty). Priya Kapoor(Sakshi Tanwar) will be married to some other guy of her age.

According to the buzz Kartik (Mohit Malhotra), Ayesha (Chahat Khanna) and Natasha (Sumona Chakravarti) will not be a part of the show post leap.

Chahat Khanna said, “Yes it’s true that BALH is going to take a leap very soon. I am unaware about the duration of leap. I already informed my production house that I want to move on, but nothing is finalized as of now. Probably tomorrow I will meet with my production house's people then only I will be able to comment on it. I might be or might not be a part of the show post leap.

Ram Kapoor and Mohit remained unavailable to comment.

The production house is now on a hunt looking for Chahat's replacement and new guy who will play Priya's husband.

-K Himaanshu Shukla...

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  1. Is the Story True :(

    Himaanshu ... if not plz do not make such news :)

  2. cant see ram and sakshi apart

  3. BALH too turns into Ekta Ji's regular track of seperating husband and wife, dumping a girl and marrying his sisters husband. Priya should have a son/daughter of Ram Kapoor. :)

    Leap is very onvenient track for her to add up some more characters and mess up the story line into beyond repair. Is there any link between initial promo and current story line. Already she lost track of her original thought.

    Ekta ji needs to change her mind set to adapt to current generation. She made a magic with her different thought in early years of this century. But others moved on in next 10 years. EK still beleives her old magic.

  4. bakwaas idea to get ayesha married to ram and priya with someone else.i for one would definetely not watch the show if this happens.:/

  5. BALH dead with this story line father like figure is marrying daughter like figure. Let us all mourn on the death of BADE Achche Lagte Hain as no RAM PRIYA as loving husband wife no matlab of BADE ACHCHE LAGTE HAIN. And sincere advice to dearestRAM KAPOOR and most loving SAKSHI TANWAR to quit the show appeal from all the fans of RK and ST.We will forget about BALH for ever. Sad demise of beautiful begning before it blossomed it is dying.Ekta loves spreading tears.

  6. absolutely nonsense.. Ekta has spoiled every thing.. rams love and priyas love her understanding. bakwas.. please all of u stop seeing the show..

  7. ekdam bakwas of ekta kapoors............ i dont like ektas shows because of her this logic of seperating husband n wife........this was the first show of her that i watched but unfortunately BALH is also on the wrong track..........because of ekta.....

  8. bakswas ho raha hai,if c dont hav story now she should end the serial........... but dont do all these

  9. absolutely nonsense...ekta has spoiled every thing....please don't do that ekta ji...otherwise ur serial is totally flop..

  10. ekta need to quit making serials..... she is useless!!!


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