January 04, 2013

I am not a psycho, says Imam Siddique

Yesterday Bigg Boss invited a few selected journalists to interact with the contestants inside the Bigg Boss house.

One of the reporter asked Imam, ‘Whatever you are doing inside the house is just to gain publicity or Imam is really pshyco in real life?’

Image consultant-anchor Imam Siddique said, “I am honest, sincere and humble human being.  I don’t think I am pshyco. And if you want to know whether Imam is psycho or not please ask Psychologist. I am like any other human being. Sometimes I lose temper and react spontaneously.

Sapna interrupted in between and said, “To experience happiness you must taste the  grief...in the same way to stay normal we require some madness.  I really thank Imam ki woh pagaalpan iss ghar mein leke aaye hai. I am big fan of madness. You need to have a little crack to let the light in.

 A couple of days back Imam was seen disagreeing with Salman Khan during a nomination episode. He even said ‘Time Out’ to Salman, when asked about this Imam said. "I did not have a tiff with him (Salman). I accept I misbehaved with him. I have respect for Salman. I have known him for 25 years."

He further added. "I don't think this is the right time to talk about that episode. I will talk about it when I will be out of the show.”

Imam Siddiqui is quite hopeful to win the show Bigg Boss season 6. If he wins the show, he would go to Haj and also start a school in Rajastan. Imam said, "I am here to play the game. If I win the show I will go to Haj... Then I will open a school in Rajasthan."

The press conference, held in the activity area of 'Bigg Boss' house in Lonavala. This episode will be telecasted today..

-K Himaanshu Shukla..

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