February 26, 2013

'Dignity Of Silence'..is the easiest way to handle controversies : Amrita Rao

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The rarest phrase that emotes and eloquent immaculately also wilts when used to describe her. She is one of the most striking women on earth whom every men would like to marry because of her sweet, appealing looks and girl-next-door persona. She shot to fame by ‘Ishq Vishk’ and later went on to give hits like ‘Bhagat Singh’, ‘Main Hoon Na’, ‘Vivah’ etc.. Yes you guessed it right!! We are talking about none other than the exquisite ‘Amrita Rao’, the lady who has captivated the hearts of many fans. She goes candid with us and speaks about her journey till date, upcoming projects and Valentine..

It's been a whilst since we last saw her on the big screen. Now she is all set to light up the silver screen, yet again. The petite actress will don a de-glam look for essaying the role of a journalist in 'Singh Saheb-The Great', which is being produced by Anil Sharma. Isn't it exciting to be on the other side of the mike? “It is a ground-breaking film that deals with widespread affairs. I am playing a very curious and scrutinizing journo who is intensely ruthless and on the go. I was very thrilled and fascinated to live the life of a journalist. I always knew that it was a robust life for journos, but now that I am stepping in their shoes and doing more research, my awe for the journalists has shot up even more,” she said.

Like a perfectionist she investigated the journalist's life. A couple of days ago she unexpectedly snatched the mike from one the journo, who was taking her interview and started throwing bagful of questions. When asked how she prepared herself for getting into the skin of her character, she said, “I watched news channels especially Hindi news channels for preparing for my role. I even learnt some slangs to bring in the natural element in my role. I was very anxious about getting my styling right for this film. The character which I am playing in 'Singh Saheb' has UP accent, so I worked real hard to get that accent accurate.  I feel that I have enough erudite and an influential vocabulary that is indeed needed to report a news.

She is also playing the lead role in ‘Jolly LLB’, which is directed by Subhash Kapoor and is scheduled to release in March. The film also stars Arshad Warsi and Boman Irani. “It’s is a satire on the condition of laws prevailing and the manner in which courts function in our country. It was the quickest instance where I said ‘yes’ to a project for its sheer brilliance of the story and screenplay. I am playing a primary school teacher who falls in love with Arshad. It’s a very strong character and thus it was quite arousing to play an intractable woman who speaks up her mind without thinking twice.”

But the pretty lady too has to face flak like most. A couple of months ago Amrita was tagged as ‘Unprofessional’ , because she refused to do Ajit Sinha’s directorial debut Wah Taj, after giving a node initially. “I had taken the narration of the film, but unfortunately I was not able to do the film because of some date issues,” She tells us.

But till date she mostly stayed out of controversies except a few linkup rumours which died naturally after a short span. “I usually do not retort and that’s the easiest way to handle controversies. You can’t keep knocking everyone's door to say the truth. Instead of reacting, I prefer to keep the dignity of silence,” sates the porcelain beauty.

The dazzling actress with an amazing intellect is quite choosy while selecting a film and that is why she is spotted only in selected movies. She does not deem in blindly while choosing the roles. “It is important to me that I choose my films carefully. When I look back in future I want see my portfolio with a lot of deference and contentment. The quality of films you choose will also determine the quality of your next offers. I have been a tad too careful not to make any mistake. I may have lost on some projects but it was important to stand by qualities and so I have no regrets,” she quips.

According to her, having a filmy background helps you in getting good offers and it lots of other factors also get easy going. “Apart from bigger debuts, the industry treats you with immense love from day one without having proved yourself. Attitudes of senior actors and directors are slightly different towards you because they are already family to you. You can get a second, third and even the fourth chance even if your debut was a complete washout. However it can’t gain you respect in the eyes of public and the media as a chiselled actor. That is something you can earn for yourself eventually,” says Amrita.

She doesn’t have any sugar daddy in Bollywood. So did you ever feel like a fish out of pond? “No never,” she says smiling. “In such a short period of time, that too without any Godfather, I crafted my own individuality and space for myself in the Hindi film industry. I also earned a clean reputation for myself. This is my prevalent fulfilment and priceless achievement. The respect shown to me by some of the revered film makers of the industry and also a recognition as a good actress in the hearts of audience, are the achievements I take back home at the end of the day,” Amrita adds.

The Dada Saheb Phalke Best Actress Award for ‘Vivah’, the Stardust Best Actress trophy for Shayam Benegal’s ‘Welcome to Sajjanpur’, well known painter MF Hussain pronouncing her as his muse are some of the virtual accomplishments she received. Great movies and the best of directors came knocking her doors. That’s why she calls herself as destiny’s child.

She started blushing when we asked her about any special memory associated with Valentine’s Day. “I was in school and we had an impromptu family get together at my house. Suddenly the door bell rang and there was a bouquet of Roses for me with a note saying ‘Happy Valentine’s Day Amrita’. To my horror my dad received it and made a loud announcement in front of everyone. My face got redder than the bunch of roses with embarrassment.” She still doesn’t know who that mysterious admirer was.

She has many crazy male lovers, but was she ever hit by a woman? She winked her eye and said, “My sister beats the hell out of me a couple of times..that's the closest I have go to.”

While wrapping up she gives some priceless advice, “Stop comparing yourself with others. Whoever you are, you are unique. Do not tempt to copy others and just accept yourself as you really are. I wish that Scrutiny Blog has countless satisfactory years of entertaining readers all over the world. May I be the entertainment guide for all of us that also teach us on how to enhance womanhood.”


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