April 12, 2013

I don’t mind doing intimate scenes as long as my co-star is cute: Evelyn Sharma

Suave and Sassy Evelyn Sharma became the talk of the tinsel town for her oomph and prettiness after her debut in ‘From Sydney with Love’. This gorgeous lady seems quite lucky because even before her first flick, she has five big projects lined up in her kitty. We caught up with this super-talented actress to know about her journey, future plans etc...

She was born and brought up in Germany. Evelyn had a wonderful childhood. Remembering her childhood memory she shares, “For the longest time I thought the biryani my mother made was a German dish. The first time I came to India was three years ago and it was then I started to discover my Indian roots (from my father's side). I learned Hindi and caught the Bollywood fever!”

Immeasurably talented Evelyn is multi linguistic; she knows eight languages including English, Hindi, French, Dutch, Spanish, Thai, Russian and Tagalog of Philippines.  She blinked her eyes and said, “I speak many languages so sometimes I get perplexed with words. I try to converse with my eyes only.   We can bet that she really sounds cute while speaking Hindi. She is currently working hard to get the right Hindi accent and learning Hindi diction.

Evelyn never thought one day she would do acting for a living. She started drama classes and theatre in high school.  She instantly decided to become an actor when she was asked to act in an English Movie at the age of 18. “My mother always said you are such an actress because when I was little I used to be a bit of a drama queen. Some people say I still am, but I like to differ,” she said while laughing.

She further added, “I did theatre in high school and shot for an English movie in college. I always loved acting, but I never thought I could actually make it my profession. I'm not from a filmy background; in fact I had no connection to the movie industry than my TV or the cinema.”

Talking about the journey from Hollywood to Bollywood, she said “It's been a rollercoaster of ups and downs but I enjoy every minute of it. I love my transition from model to actor and I just hope that the audience will have as much fun seeing my performance as I had shooting for the movies.”

She is attracted by energy of Bollywood movies. She loves the dance, drama and music of Indian cinema. She did lot of TV commercials. She started out as a model in India, which caught the attention of many directors and producers. “I started to get invitees for auditions, but I didn't feel ready so I decided to quit modelling and focus on learning Hindi and training in acting and dance. For four months I did a course at Stella Aadler in Mumbai and learned all the basics of film making and the responsibilities of an actor. I felt much more motivated after this course and went through hundreds of auditions and bagged my first role. God was very kind and I signed five projects in one year,” says Evelyn with a smile.

Her next film Nautanki Saala starring Ayushmann Khurrana and Kunaal Roy Kapur is releasing on April 12th.  Is she feeling butterflies tickling her stomach? “I’m very excited because it's a full on comedy and there was a lot of fun on and off screen. My role is also very different from my other movies, which made it interesting to perform. I play an Indian theatre actress who plays Sita in Ramayan. It was a wonderful experience, “she said. 

Like a perfectionist she did a lot of research for her role. She ended up reading the whole story of Ramayan to prepare herself for the role of Sita.
She is performing Madhuri Dixit's Dhak Dhak in Nautanki Saala.”I consider it as an honour to perform but a lot of hard work has been put at the same time. I can't wait for you all to see this movie,” she said.

Her next film ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’ under Karan Johar's banner Dharma Productions starring Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Aditya Roy Kapur and Kalki Koechlin is slated for release on 31st May.  I am playing Lara. My role in this film is super sexy and girly. Lara always makes sure there’s something pink in her outfit.  She plays a bit of a ditz while she wraps the boys around her finger. What more can you wish for than one year of flirting with Ranbir?” she asked while talking about her role.

She further added, “We shot ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’ for over a year and all of us have become close. It was wonderful working with a great actor like Ranbir. It makes shooting so easy to have experienced co-actors like Deepika and Kalki. I could learn so much from them. I'm super happy Ayan (Mukherjee) took me for the role of Lara.”

She has already started shooting for Divya Kumar’s Yaariyan. She also has Manish Tewari's Issaq starring Prateik Babbar in her kitty. In Yaariyan, she is playing a very spiritual foreign girl, who comes to Banaras for peace and awakening.

Manish Tiwari’s 'Issaq' was the first movie Evelyn had signed and shot. It’s a tough movie with a lot of violence, guns and profanities. She is playing Rosa, Prateik’s first love, just like Rosalie in Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet.

She has no reservations about doing intimate scenes. Evelyn has some pretty bold scenes in Yaariyan and opening shot is more of her sexy legs than her. She will be seen doing kissing scenes and donning bikinis in the film.  “I don’t mind doing intimate scenes as long as my co-star is cute.  Like Prateik in Issaq, I didn’t mind kissing him at all,” she said. 

"Fashion is a way of expressing yourself, your mood and your personality to the world surrounding you. Wear what you feel is right and don't care too much about what other people think, “ states the actress who is flaunted as the newbie fashionista of tinsel town. Miranda Kerr is one of her fashion icons. Evelyn found her style super inspiring as she carries everything off with utmost ease. 

Glam doll Evelyn said she feels like a little princess every time she wears an amazing gown. “Most often you see me in Rocky S. His dresses are all glamorous with a touch of rock and roll. His store has become my second walk-in-closet,” confessed Evelyn.

Bubbly and charming actress has a mixed feeling about clothes.  When we asked how important clothes are for her, she said, “Basically I wear certain items like my favourite denim shorts for years and even when they are ripped, they just start looking better to me. But then I also love to wear new stuff. And I go completely crazy when I get into shopping mood. Sometimes for the pleasure of my girlfriends because I can only wear certain dresses once for events and then I give them to my besties. There's no point in having a gorgeous dress hanging in your closet when it would look way better on my friend.”

Dainty actress states that her personal wardrobe is very feminine and comfortable, “I like oversize tops with leggings, cute colours, long skirts and floral prints. I think it’s a very positive and happy wardrobe.”

Her closet is full of clothes yet she has nothing to wear, every day she faces this situation. She laughed and said, “I don't know what it is with us girls sitting in huge closets crying our eyes out that we have nothing to wear. It's a big mystery.”

Evelyn is shopaholic, so we asked her what she sees in attire when she goes for shopping. She started rolling her eyes the moment she heard the word Shopping. Smiling with excitement she said, “Cute, unusual colours catch my eye immediately.

She affirmed that right now she is obsessed with cropped tops. “I could pick up every single one. My mother always wonders why these little tops cost the same as a normal top when they're only half the size,” she laughed.

She like accessories which are meaningful, like gifts from friends or family, a nice bracelet from one of her travels or anything vintage which speaks a story.

She is one of those few who have been blessed with beautiful skin. She swears on natural products and don't put any chemicals onto her skin. “I drink fresh juices every morning, use a coconut enriched moisturiser for soft hydrated skin and after a long day of shooting I give my hair at least 20 mins of hot oil, “says Evelyn.

She does not wear heavy makeup daily, and gives her skin break from makeup during days offs. She quipped, “I just put a good sun screen and a little bit of mascara and blush for a fresh look.”

While winding up the interview breathtakingly beautiful lady left a sweet message for Scrutiny readers, “’Love God and love your neighbour’ is the law by which I live every day. If you think about it, it's the easiest law to follow and brings so much good into your life and the life of others. I think it wouldn't harm if we all practiced it a little more every day.

-K Himaanshu Shukla..

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