August 12, 2014

Diya Aur Baati Hum 12th August 2014 Written Episode Update

The Episode begins with Vikram conversing with Meenakshi. Vikram offers his satisfaction with Meenakshi and says he will get to be similar to Sooraj now, he cherishes her a great deal, and he didn’t let her know his sentiments and will be with affection always now, in the same way as Sandhya and Sooraj. He says I will call you Meena ji, you will feel great. She says I will call you Vikram ji. He says fine, what you do, quit doing such things, you will turn into a decent lady, you are the best, I will do what you say, I will sentiment with you. She says I won’t do anything now. He requests that her let him know whether there is anything concealed or any falsehood.

He says lets swear up and down to we won’t deceive one another. He says lets tell everything today for last time. Meenakshi thinks to let him know the truth.he lets her know about his squash on a wonderful lady on his shop. He commends the lady and she says stop it, I caught on. He says I provided for her huge rebate, I didn’t think anything offbase. She says I know you adore me a ton, and you can’t mislead me. He says yes, same from my side. He says I adore you a considerable measure, go ahead now your turn, let me know any mystery on the off chance that you are covering up. He says I won’t get irate. She asks will you forget me in the event that I say anything. He says yes, don’t take pressure. She says I will let you know.

She tells about Kanha and healing facility… … He gets a get and goes out as there is no system. Meenakshi supposes she will tell everything as he made a guarantee to he will pardon her. Her inward voice stops her and asks is she distraught, all his affection will be gone if Vikram knows reality. Her family will kick her out. Vikram turns out and asks what was she saying. Meenakshi says nothing, I m feeling tired. Vikram takes a gander at her and says she won’t change.

Its morning, Sandhya sees Sooraj resting and goes close him to wake him up. Sooraj wakes uo and takes a gander at her. She says really, mosquito was all over, I need to get prepared. He holds her hand and she falls on him. Her wet hairs touch his face. Diya aur baati… … plays… … . They have a sentimental minute. He says she made his morning exceptionally unique. She grins. Meenakshi supposes she need to pay the blackmailer.

She gets a rhythm with things for Taisa. She feels odd. She asks the fellow she is Taisa’s relative, she is holding up for her things, would she be able to check it. He says yes. She goes in the beat and says capacity things. She ponders Misri and is suspicious. She gets Misri’s garments in it and says why is Taisa sending there, is she doing something there. She covers up in the beat. Sandhya gets back and gets a pink chit. Emily sees it and thinks Meenakshi said she is not getting it. Emily hears Sandhya understanding it.

Sandhya is baffled about Meenakshi’s Kanha mystery. Sandhya says what is this mystery and peruses about Rs 50000 to keep in a sweet box and keep in mail station. Emily is concerned and tells Sandhya that somebody is coercing Meenakshi. Sandhya asks however for what valid reason. Shea sks why did she not tell in the recent past. Emily lets it know was Meenakshi who has closed her parlor. She says what is it in regards to Kanha. Sandhya asks her not to conceal anything. Emily lets her know everything how this chit diversion began and how she taught Meenakshi a lesson.

She says when I asked Meenakshi, she said now she is not getting it, yet she misled me, yet why. She says the laddoo has gold chain in it, which she wears day by day. Sandhya says what. Emily says as much she was giving this fasten to the man. Sandhya says yes, its actual, Meenakshi is powerless, we need to figure out who is doing this. Sandhya says we need to discover the mystery additionally, however where is Meenakshi now.

Meenakshi achieves the wedding lobby and supposes somebody’s marriage is occurring here. She says lets see who is the lady. She is stunned to see Misri being the spouse.

Meenakshi calls Sandhya however can’t join. She then calls Sooraj and says Taisa is making Misri’s kid marriage. Sooraj says its illicit. Meenakshi hollers.

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