February 23, 2015

Turkish-Iranian architecture breathes life in to making of Razia Sultan

The slave dynasty in the 13th Century had an emperor and her name was Razia Sultan. How she rose up the ranks proving her mettle is a story worth knowing! & TV and Swastik Productions presents this visually stunning biopic of the first and only woman emperor of Delhi Sultanate, from 1136-1140. The show goes on air from March 2, Monday to Friday, at 7.30 pm on the new Hindi General Entertainment Channel &TV.

With spectacular sets, larger than life battle scenes and glittering costumes the show is brilliantly rendered with powerful performances portraying the progressiveness in thought and grandeur of the era, highlighting every nuance and intricacy involved. It highlights the contemporary outlook that prevailed way back in the 13th century.

The set designed by Omung Kumar is a visual artistry combined with technical brilliance  to create a surreal yet exotic atmosphere. The elaborately designed and painstakingly constructed sets spreads across a sprawling 3.5 acres and has a crew of over 200 members working round the clock, on the sets in Umergaon. The set structures are designed on the lines of Turkish/Morrocan architecture, the blue domes of Afghanistan's Jami Masjid and Samarkand (Uzbekistan).

The rich Persian influence of heavy blue and green hues, ornate/mosaic work on ceilings, props from Turkey and Egypt, liven up the set. It’s one of the first sets for TV made on the lines of authentic Turkish-Iranian architecture. Massive on both interior and exterior, it has a 68500 Sq ft of exterior space with an average height of 40ft which gives you a larger than life real palace feel.

Also, all the props used are real in terms of material-Glass lamps and chandeliers, Ceramic planters and pots, Wooden seating with velvet upholsteries, especially custom made from Jaipur and Firozabad. The zardozi handwork on the upholsteries and drapes are done by artisans of Jamnagar. Metal and brass filigree artefacts from Moradabad and Jodhpur.

Razia Sultan, is the story of a bright eyed princess without any expectations in life. But she was born with a curious mind, much progressive for that era. A doting daughter and a zealous princess, Razia sought equality and justice amongst masses.

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