March 02, 2015

#BirthdaySpecial : 25 Shades Of Tiger Shroff

He is dashing, he is stylish, he has impressed everyone with his unconventional good looks, chiselled body, smooth dance moves and power packed performance in Heropanti.

Tiger Shroff is the Bollywood's new Prince Charming, who became an overnight sensation after roaring success of his debut film. The most successful debutante of the 2014 is celebrating his birthday today (02 March). Here we bring '25 Shades Of Tiger Shroff' on his 25th birthday.

1. Biting & scratching kid..
Tiger's real name is 'Jai Hemant Shroff' but was nicknamed ‘Tiger’ due to his biting and scratching habits. In an interview, he said that he used to bite people when he was young. Once he bit his teacher in school and got punished for that.

2. Pure naturalist..
The dashing actor with a drool-worthy body does not believe in supplements, He is a pure naturalist and does not encourage or practice steroids. He is very disciplined and focused and wakes up almost at dawn to practice with his team.

3. Good health endorser..
The young actor believes only in maintaining a strict diet and endorses good health. He is often seen guiding people about health and fitness.

4. Anti-social guy..
Tiger doesn't have too many friends and is anti-social. He lives in a world of his own, doing his own things like training in martial arts, dancing or watching a Michael Jackson's video's on Youtube.

5. Can't stand noise..
He likes his surroundings to be peaceful and can’t stand noise.

6. True Gandhian..
Although he made his debut with an action film, but in real life he hates violence. He is like a true Gandhian.

7. Immensely respectful..
He is one the most polite actor of B'town. He is down to earth fellow, modest, immensely respectful and never raises his voice.

8. Hrithik carried him in his arms..
When Hrithik was assistant a director in Jackie Shroff starrer film King Uncle, he used to carry little Tiger in his arms all the time.

9. Looks up to Bruce Lee, Michael Jackson & Hrithik Roshan..
Tiger is huge Bruce Lee and Michael Jackson fan and he respects Hrithik Roshan a lot. Tiger think's, Hrithik is a fabulous actor, dancer and a true superstar. He wishes to imbibe Hrithik's qualities in his professional life too.

10. Love to do biopic on MJ..
Tiger is an adherent Jackson fan and last year on teacher's day he unveiled a dance video to pay tribute to Michael Jackson. He once accepted that his dream is to feature in a biopic of King Of Pop. He has done a lot of research on Michael and expressed that he would be more than happy to live MJ's live on silver screen.

11. Aamir Khan and Dhoom 3 connection..
Tiger helped 'perfectionist' Aamir Khan to build his physique for Dhoom 3. And during his gym workout sessions, the two got so close that Khan wanted to produce Tiger's debut film. But unfortunately it didn't work out. However, Aamir released the trailer of Heropanti.

12. Can take a joke on himself..
He became the butt of jokes on Twitter. Tiger, who is quite introvert come forward and took the jokes in a positive way. Instead of sitting and sulking all day after reading these jokes and wondering why they are making fun of him, Tiger took it in a positive way. He believes, he made an impression that's the way people are talking about him.

13. Never retaliate..
He is not bothered when people pass nasty comments or when the media writes negative stories or spread rumors about him. He prefers not to not retaliate and like to let his work speak for him.

14. Doesn’t shy away from discussing personal remarks..
A lot of people think Shroff junior is a gay, red lips. It took it a pinch of salt when people say his dance moves are feminine and he look like a girl. He said, 'It's fine if they say such things about me'. However, he accepted that it was painful for him to be mocked about his looks, about not having facial hair or about looking gay. In one of the interview he said, 'One had to be in my shoes to know how it felt to be so vilified, but in a way this negativity also helped me'

15. Not a party animal..
Tiger is not a party animal because he feels lost in a party. He loves to stay away from the crowd, because surrounded by lots of people makes him uncomfortable

16. Don't have good records with girls..
Tiger's chilled looks make girls go weak in the knees. But the dashing actor doesn't have a very good track record with girls and none of his relationships have lasted long. He said, 'I have never had a girlfriend, as I'm not cool enough to have one'.

17. Married to work..
Although the actor is getting a lot of female attention even before his debut film is released, but he is not ready to fall in love. Right now he wants to focus on his career. He is married to his work and isn’t ready to commit to anyone yet.

18. Scared of rejection..
Tiger is very shy when it comes to propose a girl. He is afraid to go up to a girl and say that he likes her because he is scared of rejection. Whenever a girl tries to make eye contact with him, he starts looking down or sideways to pretend not to see them.

19. Media friendly..
Unlike most of the actors who started flying high after tasting success, throw tantrums and disrespects media, Tiger is journalist friendly.  He always carries a smile on his face while answering media queries and never gets angry if a journalist ask him inappropriate questions.

20. A certified taekwondo champion..
While most of the actor's use body double to perform the stunts, Tiger does all his stunts by himself. He was honored with the 5th degree honorary black belt from the Kukkiwon - World Taekwondo Headquarters.

21. Tigress lover..
He adopted a tigress named Lee at the Maharajbagh zoo in Nagpur before a few days before the release of Heropanti. Everyone assumed that the adoption was a mere publicity stunt for his debut film. But then he proved everyone wrong when he made International Tigers’ Day special for the adopted tigress. He took time out to pay Lee a visit to check the facilities provided to the wildcat.

22. Shiva devotee..
Tiger believes that he gets power and strength from Lord Shiva to perform hard-hitting stunts quite easily. He is a big follower of Shiva and always seeks blessings from the Lord before going to any promising event of his life. He also observed doing a fasting on the auspicious day of Mahashivratri.

23. Shameless actor..
In one of the press conference when a journalist quizzed about whether Tiger is open to play a gay character in the film he said, 'As an actor you should have no inhibitions. If I like it, I will do any role which is offered to me. That is what will make you more versatile. I am a shameless actor, who would not have any qualms about playing a gay character also.'

24. Respect for teachers..
The actor has a heart of gold and respects his teachers. His gym trainer had held a personal special screening of Heropanti for 2 consecutive days in Vasai (Mumbai). Tiger as a dutiful student attended the screening on both the days as his trainer wished for his student to be present at the screening.  His dance teacher requested Tiger to attend an event at a college in Badlapur. Although at that time he was riding high on the success of his debut film, but he took time out from his busy schedule to attend the event.

25. He is like a real Tiger..

He gets very angry when he doesn't get doing something or show something in a scene. He confessed that there is a real Tiger inside him.

-K Himaanshu Shukla....

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