May 31, 2015

Aman Verma to be replaced in Shapath?

Aman Verma, who had been away from the limelight for quite some time made a comeback on small screen with Fireworks Productions' show 'Shapath' on Life OK. Though show has revived his trustworthiness in the glamour world, the actor seems has gotten quite pricey for his shoes. Now the makers are planning to replace him..

According to our sources, "Aman is throwing lots of weight around the sets of the show. He asks the unit people to shoot his sequences first as soon as he comes to the set, which is always not possible. He also takes a long break in between the shoot, and remove his fake moustache to relax at a peak hour. Due to his erratic behavior, the channel is planning to replace him."

The show is coming with another series ‘Return of the Super Villains’, which will focus on the tussle between super villain Kavi (Aamir Dalvi) & the ACP (Aman Verma). Due to Aman's pricey attitude, the makers have decided to cast someone else to play the role of ACP in the upcoming series.

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