November 02, 2011

Raja Chaudhary's externment order is cancelled by High Court

Raja Chaudhary, the separated husband of Shweta Tiwari and ex-beau of Shraddha Sharma has always hit the headlines for wrong reasons.

Several cases of assault and indecent behavior are filed against him. In May, 2011 Chaudhary has been issued an externment notice, ordering him stay out of Mumbai for a year and if he disobeys the order he would be immediately arrested under section 142 of Bombay Police Act.

Externment is convenient tool for police to ensure that criminals are kept away so that they are dislocated from “their area” and are unable to create trouble.

Raja appealed to the Lieutenant Governor and then to the High Court for cancellation of his externment.  He tried hard to make the court pardon his deeds, finally the court has given a clean chit to the Actor and his plea is accepted.

Raja confirmed the news to Scrutiny and said, “Police manipulated the case files and presented me as a criminal, so I appealed for cancellation of my externment.  Though such appeals are seldom upheld, Honourable high court cancelled externment order because they didn't find anything wrong against me.”

-K Himaanshu Shukla..

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  1. Very Sad that Shweta got trapped and married him, happy that they got seperated.

  2. Why controversies are always behind him??????

  3. he is mad n needs psychiatrist saala behan ka lauda


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