November 04, 2011

Rumours irritates me: Harshad Chopra

Television’s Chocolate cupcake Harshad Chopra has charmed many a female fan with his on screen Romanticism  and is still remembered as adorable Prem of 'Kis Desh Mein Hai Mera Dil’  and Anurag of ‘Tere Liye’. He has a flattering female fan following who are attracted towards his charismatic identity.  He is currently seen playing the male lead character of Mohan Galla in Imagine TV 'Dharampatni.

Adorable actor takes up the random quick grills:

One person whom you like to date from this industry?
I wanted to date Divya Bharti, I really loved her when I was young, was devastated when she died. I also like Kajol’s softness and her smile, she is too brilliant I respect her a lot.

A rumour about you which you wish comes true?
I don’t want any of the rumours to come true. Rumours irritates me because it means that some of my fans and friends must think I'm lying. I believe Journalists need to be reminded of their role to provide accurate, reliable and timely news about actors. I hate when someone starts a baseless rumor like I am dating or can't stand my co-star etc. I really dislike rumours.

One thing u can't survive without?
I'm really lazy, I could sleep all day. It’s one of my favorite things to do and can't live without.

One fruit you resemble?
I think I look like Papaya or may be Apple.

One cosmetic enhancement you are okay with?
Cosmetic enhancement na baba na I don’t even want threading my eyebrows. I shall stay the way I am (laughs)

One actor you'd like to exchange your wardrobe with?
I think everybody's got better choice of dressing than me.

One song you're ashamed to admit you like?
There are so many (laughs)

Which part of your body do you treasure the most?
Eyes, because they never lies and it reflects what you're within. Actually I treasure my entire body.

If you could invite one actor over dinner, who could it be?
Rajeev Khandelwal and his wife Manjiri, they recently started their new journey of marriage filled with love.

One advice given to you that you never followed?
You better know it.

Please tell....
That I don't pick up the phone

One word that describe your personality?
Dreamer, I dream a lot even when I am awake. If you ask Aasiya Kazi to describe me in one word, she would say ‘Thinker’. She said I always sit in thinking pose.

A funny name that someone has used on you?
Kunal Kapoor calls me ‘Gawar’ and one of my friend calls me ‘Gondiya’.

One annoying thing about yourself?
I tend to irritate people because I am stubborn when I am convinced. I believe in this: either convince me, or get convinced by me.

-K Himaanshu Shukla..

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  1. ohh my hawdtty harshu

  2. Thanks a lot KHS for the Interview! As usual lovely answers , God bless Harshad and his Shoe <3

  3. OMG hc love u loads thanks KHS for d awesome interview

  4. omg omg harshad interview thanksss a lots :) <3<3 god bless harshad :)

  5. love u harshad u are such a sweet heart

  6. additi interview plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz and yhanku for harshad interview plzzzzzzzzzzzzz additi interview also.

  7. Thanks KHS for the interview. As usual, honest answers from harshad. he's a sweetheart. ofcourse we believe ur eyes which is honest always. Whoever tells whatever about u, we are least bothered. We are always there for u harshad. Keep up the good work. and u are one of the best dressed men. Love u loadssssssssssss... Waiting to meet u one day. Take care. keep smiling. God bless

  8. Thanks alot for article
    Luv Harshad <3

  9. Thanks for sharing.. Loved his answers..
    LOL @ the funny names..

  10. So honest answers. He said right thing about his eyes. We all agree that his eyes are so expressive. His is a such a cutie pie

  11. aww thts so cuteee !!!! thnz for da interveiw ♥


  13. i hate u hc tumne hamari aditi ko cheat kiya

  14. Awww lovely answers from Harshad! His reaction to cosmetic enhancement was too cute! But yeah, like him, we also want him to stay the way he is as he is the best like that! We all know that he's honest and we love him the way he is! Neither we bother about any rumours nor will we do in future! Thanks alot for the article and thanks Harshad for everything, for making us smile and laugh! Love you, keep smiling and be sure that we are ALWAYS with you! :)

  15. if you don't like rumors and all that stuff kindly plz reply to your Prem/Heer still have a huge kis desh fans following...I don't know what happened but plz reply and give explanations to your kis desh'll be nice from you :)

  16. Thhanx KHS loved it <3 plz try to get Anupriya interview

  17. oh HC u r sooo sweet wid ur answersDay Dreaming!! not apple, nor papaya, u r our sweet rasgullaROFL!! very true dat ur eyes r d most attractive part of ur body, but i like all oders too nd sorry u cudn't save dem 4m us ( d besharam pankhas)ROFL!!!! Y does kunal calls u gawarBroken Heart???

  18. Thank u so very much KHS for this lovely interview of Harshad this make us understand him to whom we love so much now we know that not only look so cute but in naturewise also he is so sweet
    Once again Thank you so very much from the deep of my heart thank you KHS


  19. thank u so much KHS harshad is such sweat heart lover his answer PLZ can we have additi interview also plzzzzzz

  20. lovely answers Harshad.

    clearing rumours will solve your fan fights. Kis Desh fans are deeply hurt. TL fans are waiting with the hope.

    Thanks KHS for this interview. Very much needed one. Hope Harshad gives more interview like this

  21. Thanks a lot for the interview ... Loved it! Keep 'em coming :P

    Harshad is a gem <3 God bless him

  22. Harshad, nice and lovely answers to all questions.

    Love to hear the reason behind those names by your friends.

    You have a very beautiful and expressive eyes.

    Nowadays its look like media is showing too much interest on your life rather than your career acheivments. You need to fight back to chase them away so that they won't chase you anymore.

    Nice policy. 'convince me or get convinced my me.' when you are so stuborn then its not easy to convince you.

    Thanks KHS for this interview. Its different.

  23. Thanks for the interview.

    God Bless Harshad and may no evil eye fall upon me.

    I think he's answered the media's question along with fans questions about his recent incident.

    There are Good Media and Bad Media. He just had a bad media week couple of weeks ago.

  24. harshad you are the best n u right REALLY AGREE THAT HIS EYE'S R REALLY EXPRESSIVE KHS plz ask harshad come with additi n solve all the misunderstanding plz we reallly want u back best jodi prem/heer hope KHS listen us thankx

  25. ye ab urooj khan kider mari hai good article

  26. The chemistry between harshad chopra and aasiya kazi is really good!!!


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