January 20, 2012

Fan messages for Anupriya Kapoor

Anupriya Kapoor is still remembered as Taani of Balaji's ‘Tere Liye’, gorgeous lady has been missing from the small screen for quite some months now.

Her fans are terribly missing her and eagerly waiting for her comeback. They are worried about their favorite small screen actress because a well known numerologist predicted on popular news website that she may suffer depression and isolation in coming months.

I have received a few messages for Anupriya from Tere Liye fans, to motivate her and to show how much they love and care her. 

Here are the messages:

  • Lubna Ahmed said, we all love you a lot and we miss you horribly. Whatever you decides to do, we all are ALWAYS here to support you. APK you said in a recent interview: "If you asked me for my 3 wishes: I never lose hope in life.  Hope in anything. In my personal life or my professional life. Because if a person loses hope, and motivation, then that’s the end of that person. It’s like a dead person on this earth." and that's something that I agree with 100%! A person is nothing without hope, if they don't have any hopes, they have nothing to look forward to!
  • Rikki said, "APK you inspires me alot, you are my inspiration. You are the most beautiful woman on earth and you needs to do a comeback on screen. Also, please visit London."
  • Sara Babini said: "Please tell her to come back soon on screen and to take care."
  • A fan whose screename is HarshIya Tere Liye said: "Please come back soon.. we miss you alot and are eagerly waiting to see you soon screen, love you apk!"
  • Astha Agarwal said: "Please come back soon, we miss you!"
  • Nany McPhee: "Please come back soon, we miss you alot and are waiting for you. Love you and God Bless you always"
  • Dua Ali says: "Tanu we all love youthe same as we did before, actually, no, our love has increased for you more and we are all dyingly missing you."
  • Ormella Sackichand and Hamail say: "We love you and miss you and please come back soon!"
  • Anahita Nanda says: "Anupriya there are people, lots of people waiting for you and still love you and always will. We miss you and it's all incomplete without you. You are so beautiful, you must be knowing though! And you are terrific and we miss Tere Liye and everything about you!"
  • Vartika Patel said: "I wanted to convey to you that you are the most gorgeous lady ever. We love you alot and we miss you terribly and are eagerly waiting for your comeback. Hope you will be back soon, and you are best you! We love our APK alot!"
  • Neetu Goyal said: "Request you that please come back and HarshIya is the best jodi are there are people who are missing you so so much and are waiting for Tere Liye season 2. We love APK so much"
  • Malika Kapoor says: "Missing you alot, come back soon. Lots of love"
  • Tejy says: "Hi APK, missing you loads...we all remember you everyday and miss seeing your beautiful smile. All my best wishes are always with you...may God bless you with lots of happiness, good health, and success always. Never forget that we are with you and that God is with you...our love will always be there to support you, Angel  Love you to pieces♥ ~Tejy"
  • Paulomi says: "APK is the most gorgeous lady ever on television.....very talented and a good person....love her....missing her on tv.. Come back soon"
  • Harj Ghuman said: "I think Anupriya is the most beautiful and most talented woman in the world! We miss her and need her back!!"
  • Clarissa Kannikal and a fan with the pseudo name TLtaanufan HarshIya said: "Please if you get a chance to work with Harshad again, PLEASE accept it and we wish to see you together again in Tere Liye Season 2 or any other serial, 9 months was too short for us!! Please come back together!"
  • Sakshi Gupta said, "Come back with Harshad!"
  • Bhavya Mishra said, "When will you come back? We miss you alot! Please come back with Harshad and you are sweet and beautiful!"
  • Hina Arfat said, "We love you please come back soon, your fans are dying to see you back!"
  • Maria said, "Honestly, I've never been crazy for any actress before this, but Anu, u have mesmerized me with your looks and acting. Waiting eagerly for your comeback, we are sure god has something best for u. We are eager to see our Harshiya back together. Love u always and you'll always be remembered in our prayers. God Bless. Keep Smiling. Do remember, whatever happens, we fans are always with u."

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  1. Love u Anupriya.. Thanks for this, KHS..

  2. thanks for this
    We miss you Anupriya
    Hoping to see you back with a bang
    All your fans will be always there for you


  3. Miss you APK :( Ab toh aa bhi jao to rock again

    Love you ... God bless you

  4. thnks a lot for this KHS!
    Hope to see her soon on tv aftr her vacations

  5. Thanks a Lot for posting this, I hope she listens to every single person and comes back, we're so damn waiting.. Miss you, APK!
    KHS, you rock! :D

  6. thankyou so much KHS please anupriya come back harshad :)

  7. Thank you so much for this report.......We fans are eagerly waiting for our sweet angel's come back and we can't wait anymore.....Come back soon.....Plzzzzzz....... Plzzzzzz.......May God Bless You and Be happy always......One humble request:-Please try to come back with Harshad....Love your chemistry....

  8. thanks for apk scrutiny.we all fans are waiting for her.guys see star voice of india chote ustad part 6 when vyom is singing anupriya is there.

    1. Thanx A lot KHS :) We love U Anupriya N missing u lots Ur always their in my prayers Love from Huma

  9. thanks so much for apk scrutiny.guys see voice of india chote ustad grand finale part 6 anupriya is there.

  10. love u apk.waiting for ur comeback.pls comeback soon.

  11. I hope Anupriya reads this. I am sure she already knoew what a huge fan following she has. Anupriya, you are once, twice, three times a lady and we love you, yes we love you.

    Harj Ghuman. Your biggest fan in this world.!

  12. hai anupriya this is anila loveuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu a lot i miss uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu iottttttttttttttt we want back harshiya we miss u and tl family lotttttttttttttt

  13. anupriya come back soon.u r the most charming and intelligent girl.

  14. luv u apk nd missing u badly........i luv u more than my lyf apk u nd harshad.......aajtak kbhi kisi jodi ko dekhkar hum pagal nhi hue aur koi show off air hua toh bhi hum udaas nhi hue lekin aapko aur harshad ko dekhkar hum bahut khush hue the kyunki aap dono mere dil mein baste ho harshiya..u r d sizzling actress apk......u r d best nd u only suits to hc plzzzzz come back tere liye 2.....we miss u mishti .....


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