May 18, 2020

#LeetCode: Permutation in String

Given two strings s1 and s2, write a function to return true if s2 contains the permutation of s1. In other words, one of the first string's permutations is the substring of the second string.

Example 1:
Input: s1 = "ab" s2 = "eidbaooo"
Output: True
Explanation: s2 contains one permutation of s1 ("ba").

Example 2:
Input:s1= "ab" s2 = "eidboaoo"
Output: False

The input strings only contain lower case letters.
The length of both given strings is in range [1, 10,000].

After reading the request, you will find out this problem is almost the same as problem 438. The word permutation is the same as the word anagrams. So it is easy, we can just use function findAnagrams from problem 438 to solve this problem.

'Permutation in String' is same as 'Find All Anagrams in a String' problem. The word permutation is the same as the word anagrams, we can use findAnagrams from the previous challenge to solve this one :)

GIT URL: Java Solution Of Leet Code's Permutation in String problem
Java Solution

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-K Himaanshu Shuklaa.

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