September 10, 2012

The battle of emotions for Jeevika in 'Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai'

A couple starts weaving tons of beautiful dreams as soon as they come to know that they are expecting their child. But what happens when that child’s life is at stake intentionally or unintentionally.

Do the parents feel happy to abort their child? The relatives go mad blaming the parents that they could not carry the child properly but for once do they think that the relation of a mother-father with their child is much more strong deep and emotional as compared to grandson/granddaughter-grandmother/grandfather, nephew/niece-aunt/uncle and so on.

The same situation was witnessed in Star Plus’s serial “Ek Hazaron Mein Meri Behna Hai”. In the Mahaepisode aired on Saturday it was clearly shown that how we people in India still get drowned by our own emotions in the name of customs and rituals. As per the story; Maanvi (Nia Sharma) is fighting for her life and the only way to save her is bone marrow transplantation at immediate basis.

Since the matching donor is almost impossible to find at such urgent notice so Jeevika (Krystle Dsouza) compelled by the current situation decides to abort her 10 weeks child so that she can save her baby sister by donating her bone marrow. When she reveals this bitter truth to her family after gaining the support from her husband Viren (Karan Tacker), the reactions that come out is the most shocking thing for the couple. Maanvi’s reaction of being against Jeevika was justified since nobody in this world would want to live at the cost of a child but not even a single family member supporting them in saving the life of living person rather than to think about the one who has not even entered the world was quite shocking.

The Saturday’s maha episode witnessed a high voltage court room drama where the two sisters fought the court case for each other’s happiness. Everything was very much perfect about the episode. The dialogues were very well written and executed. The flashback scenes were used perfectly and the editing job was commendable. The essence of the show which the show used to bear in its initial days in October was clearly visible in the one hour special episode once again. The actors too did a great job but definitely Krystle Dsouza was the show stealer for the evening. One could feel the pain in her eyes, in her voice and her body language. Krystle did complete justice to the show and to her character that day. No one else could portray Jeevika so naturally the way Krystle did.

The final speech presented by Jeevika in front of judge was surely the best scene of the show. The remembrance of the teachings by her Mother that “Badi behen maa jaisi hoti hai” was eye catching and Jeevika was trying her best to fulfill the promise she gave to her mother to take care of Maanvi as her first child. Through her speech she questioned the Judge, her family members, the audience in the court and us the viewers of the show that if we were at her place what would we do. How would we choose one out of our two children? Is the unborn life important or the life who is about to die and will never return? Her speech made each and every person speechless as nobody had the answers to her questions.

Like the coin has two sides; the story too had two sides. On one hand where Jeevika is ready to sacrifice her own child to save her baby sister Maanvi, on the other hand Maanvi is not at all ready to live at the cost of her niece’s life (she assumes that a baby girl will be born). She says that it’s thousand times better to die rather than to live by killing an unborn life that is not even capable of saving herself/himself. Emotionally Maanvi is right but practically Jeevika is right. But in a country where we choose to be emotional over being practical, everyone is supporting Maanvi and cursing Jeevika of being a heartless stone.

Towards the end Jeevika leaves everyone juggling with thoughts by asking that what if she losses Maanvi now and later due to depression she losses her child also? She compares Maanvi to the blood flowing in her nerves and she says that when blood will not be there in her body then there are no chances that she will be alive so obviously her child will also die eventually. In that case she won’t have anything left other than to cry empty handed. This question of hers compels every human to keep themselves in Jeevika’s place and give a thought to it.

The power packed episode ends with the Judge saying that she will announce her final verdict on Monday. The episode out and out was a great mixture of dramatic emotions, some honest theories and some practical conversations thus earning it a hit status. It is guaranteed that each female viewer must have shed tears along with the loving sisters.

Now we have to wait and watch to know who wins however at the end of the day the loss is of Jeevika in both cases. If she saves her sister then also she is losing her child and if she saves her child then she is losing both her child and her sister. Scrutiny says if we have to choose a way from the two ways where we know that both ways will give you pains then it is better to choose a way which gives you less pain.

Scrutiny would surely like to know your take in this situation. What would you do if you were Jeevika?

-K Himaanshu Shukla..

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Anonymous said...

you are an awsome reviewer Himanshu
liked ur review and agreed KD is the best nobody can play jeevika better than her

Anonymous said...

Rgt...KD i sjust awesome...<3

Anonymous said...

It was very well written. Loved it! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

krytle is great actress. very well wtitten acticle.

neha shahzaib said...

krystle is a cutie pie a brilliant actress she has all the guts of acting love you krystle di you rockxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx every time and it is a truth that non can play the role of jeevika better than krystle di its a challenge u rockxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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akbar ahmad

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