September 06, 2012

I told Ridhi that I have to go out and out to create the chemistry with Aamna: RaQesh Vashisth

Scrutiny in conversation with RaQesh Vashisth who is all set to make a comeback with Sony TV’s upcoming show ‘Hongey Judaa Na Hum’...

Tell us bit about your character..
I am playing a married man Rohan. He is a painter; I am also a painter in real life. I am very happy playing a painter because I think with colors, with canvas, with every stroke you can show a lot of emotions, you can set a graph of a scene.  I can show my anger by randomly painting something onscreen.

Go on..
Rohan is a very hyper guy, his heart and head decisions get jumbled up.  He loves Muskaan (Aamna Sharif) so they got married. But marriage is something which comes with its own baggage and packages; sometimes it’s so difficult to handle. It’s a story of a couple who are going through ups and downs. Destiny plays a big role in our life, that’s what we have shown in the story.  There is a situation when they have to go away from each other but only to come back.

There is a general perception in that Aamna Sharif has an attitude problem..
I heard stories about that she have a lot of attitude and she throws weight around. But when I actually met her, I didn’t feel that ways. I think that she is a nice person to work with. She is very convenient and very cooperative girl.

And what about your onscreen chemistry with her?
We gelled together very well during the pilot shoot. Everyone said our onscreen chemistry is amazing. We are actors; we want to perform our role so we want to get into the skin of the character and chemistry happens only when other person is reciprocative. For a good onscreen chemistry, an actor should not only say his/her lines but also he/she needs to concentrate on other person’s lines also. At the same time the person in front should react properly. Aamna is very supportive and a miraculous co-star to work with. For sure audience will see the mesmerizing chemistry between me and Aamna.

Is Ridhi (Dogra) comfortable if you romance with other actresses onscreen?
I already told her that I have to go out and out to create the chemistry, I hope you don’t mind. She was like, you are an actor and moreover you are my husband now, so I really can’t interfere. She is a practical woman and knows that tomorrow she may gets an offer for a love story then she has to do the same thing.

Are you romantic at heart?
Like a true Virgo, I am very romantic by heart, but I don’t live in la-la land. (laughs) I think you should ask this question to my wife.

Why you replaced 'K' with a 'Q' from your name?
There are so many Rakesh exists in this earth. It’s a very common name and I was surrounded with folks with the same name. From servant to an officer, every third or fourth person name is Rakesh. I decided to a ‘Q’ in my name because sometimes when you saving someone’s number in your mobile you do not write the full name, you simply save it by first name. So if you save my name as ‘Rakesh’, later you may wonder which ‘Rakesh’ is this.  So to make a difference I added a ‘Q’ in it.  I think ‘RaQesh’ look good. 

-K Himaanshu Shukla..

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eagerly waiting for this show

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waiting to see hongey juda na hum for aamna rakesh...

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But I dont see any chemistry between u and Aamna...
Anyways I dont like Aamna....

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