March 23, 2013

How your favourite TV stars planning to celebrate Holi this year?

Splashing coloured water, tossing water balloons on each other, smearing friends with gulal, exchanging Holi gifts, gorging the delicious gujiyas, listening and dancing to evergreen Holi songs, and finally getting carried away with Bhaang & Thandai is the order of the day for an ideal Holi. As this colourful festival is on a roll, we talk to our TV screen rulers and check what they are upto for this Holi.

The cute bubbly and colourful Jeanie aka Giaa Manek shares, "Holi is one of my most favourite festivals, but there is something I dislike about it too. Since the colour cause lots of pollution to the environment as well as make the places dirty so I would really like if we could restrict colour usage. This way we can save environment from pollution as well as limit the use of water as we have water shortage this year. So instead of playing with colours, getting drenched and bathing for long hours, I am planning to shoot and work on the festive day and celebrate it with the cast and crew by having an Eco friendly Holi using flowers".

Famous for his sexy lips, the hot and happening Saras from the newly launched show Saraswati Chandra aka Gautam Rode quips "Holi brings to mind the thoughts of bright and vivid colours being splashed on one and all, and I love to drench myself in colours of various hues. I will be celebrating this festival with my friends and family."

The heartthrob of many, Tina Dutta shares, "I will be spending Holi with my close friends and family. I hate chemical based colours, as they harm your skin and eyes. I remember I got itchy red rashes last year because of chemical based colours so this year I am determined to use ONLY natural colours. Also I would want to request everyone that please don't waste water and avoid using plastic bags and water balloons. Holi is a festival of joy, so please spread happiness."

The daring and outspoken Beendni Sa, Deepika Singh from Diya aur Baati Hum divulges, "My tauji expired in December, so I am not celebrating this year."

Karan Sharma who is currently seen in Zee TV's Pavitra Rishta verbalizes his Holi plans as, "This is my favourite festival and I love getting coloured completely. Every year I celebrate this festival but this year I have decided to save some water as our Maharashtra is facing drought. I will play Holi with natural colours without using water. I also might go out with my friends. We waste lots of water every year during Holi and this time when we are coping with shortage of water I request each and every one of you to save water."

The shy and calm Gopi Vahu originally known as Devoleena Bhatacharjee affirms "After a long time my family is with me, so I'll celebrate with them. If I am shooting then I will surely play Holi on the sets. If I get an off from shooting then I will plan something with my family and friends."

Shashank Vyas popular and loved as Jagya too has something to add, "We are shooting cut to cut for Balika Vadhu, so probably I will be spending whole day while shooting. I will miss fun and friends on Holi. Masti has been taken over by work this year. In my hometown Ujjain, we used to celebrate Holi with our entire group."

The immensely loved and missed by fans, Additi Gupta who will be hitting the TV screen with out and out a new avatar expresses, "Our show Rishton Ki Badalti Daastan has just begin, so we will be shooting for that. I want to celebrate par iss saal Holi pe chutti mil jaaye wohi bahut hai."

Holi is undoubtedly a very joyous festival that holds a great importance in one and everyone's life but it is considered a very romantic and special festival by the newlyweds or wedded couples. The newly married couple Ashish Sharma and Archana Taide Sharma are also too excited about this festival and they whack out their Holi plans. "Last year I celebrated Holi with Archana at my home in Jaipur as friends and now one year later we are life partners so this Holi I'll colour her with my love," shares much excited Ashish.

Archana too has lots of cheerful plans for this Holi. "I'm a catholic and for 24 years of my life I haven't celebrated Holi. Though I had been for a Holi party, but was never a part of proper Holi celebration where all the rituals are performed. This Holi is indeed very special because this is my first Holi after marriage. Ashish (Sharma) hails from Jaipur so it's very obvious that he loves playing Holi with his family but unfortunately due to our hectic shooting schedules, we won't be able to go to Jaipur. Hence in order to make Ashish feel special, happy and homely, we are going to celebrate Holi in Mumbai with our close friends. We will be following all proper rituals. I have taken all the information from my mother-in-law. Masti with my husband, colours and bhaang is what I'm looking forward to this holi."

Another couple who though is not a newly married but don't lag back when it comes to togetherness, don't have any such plans for this Holi but definitely they have got something to share to make this Holi a happy festival for all. "This year I would say no Holi with water. The drought in Maharashtra is a serious concern. Farmers have committed suicide and the least we people can do is save water resources especially in a festival when it is merrily wasted. Play dry Holi, play less so you consume less water to clean up after Holi,” says RidhiDogra Vashisth.

"Being a painter I love colours, but I do not like to play Holi. Instead I love to play Holi everyday on the canvas haha," speaks up Raqesh Vashisth.

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